Surveying the Sites

27 Nov 2013

Not everyone has the time to survey around the Internet to find informative, fun, and educational websites for their family to enjoy. That’s why we offer this column. By dividing it into four sections, we work towards our goal—to provide something for everyone. We hope that you will enjoy what we’ve surveyed for you this month.

Articles of Interest

“Hymn Study in Your Homeschool” by Mary Prather

            “One of the simplest ways to incorporate music in your homeschool is through hymn study. Hymn study makes for great copywork, scripture study, and memorization. You can also research hymns from the era you are studying in history.” (MP)

“Why Be Crazy Enough To Homeschool” by Ann Voskamp

           “Homeschooling is about going higher up and deeper in, for you learn to sacrificially love in ways you have never loved before. You come to know your own heart in ways you never imagined, the souls of your children in intimate, very real ways.” (AV)

Teacher Feature

Home Library Organization

          What a simple, yet thoroughly practical way to organize your homeschool library. The author even includes a free download for you to print your own spine labels. 

25 Awesome Virtual Learning Experiences

            Let’s go on a tour! Here’s a list of twenty-five great websites that feature some wonderful virtual learning experiences. You may never get the chance to swim alongside a blue whale, but taking this virtual tour, along with the others, will provide you with some interesting dinner conversation.

It's Elementary

Candy Experiments

           Okay, kids (of all ages, of course), here’s one website your going to love. It’s all about experimenting with candy! That’s right. Be sure to save your Warheads, Skittles, Starbursts, and even your marshmallow Peeps. You’ll discover more than taste bud science here as you learn about lighting     Lifesavers, floating the M’s off of the M&M’s, and a host of other things, like how to add wheels to your chewy candy to make a car. Have fun! 

Foldable Fun Geometry

            Notebook are great learning tools for every subject. Here’s a great idea to include for your math journals. Turn a flat piece of paper into a three-dimensional shape and then use it to teach geometry terms.

High School and Beyond

Homeschool College USA

            Earn a fully accredited college degree from home. Use the resources here to build a degree plan & study for CLEP or DSST. There’s also a free 4-year high school curriculum plan. If you are on a tight budget, or just want to save some money on high school curriculum take a look at the resources offered on this website.

Photography as a High School Elective

            Here’s a creative elective idea. If your child is interested in photography take a few minutes to read this article by a homeschool parent and photographer. She has compiled a list of resources for the course she titles Digital Photography Basics. 

Note: Ideas and opinions expressed on the websites in this column are not necessarily those of the author or NCHE.



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