Surveying the Sites

5 Mar 2014

Not everyone has the time to survey the Internet to find informative, fun, and educational websites for their family to enjoy. That’s why we offer this column. By dividing it into four sections, we work towards our goal—to provide something for everyone. We hope that you will enjoy what we’ve discovered for you this month.

Articles of Interest

“Screwtape Letter for the Homeschool Mom” by Daniella Dautrich
“My dear Wormwood, I see with great displeasure that your patient has become a homeschooler. There is no need to despair; hundreds of these well-meaning mothers have been recovered after just a few months of school.” (DD)

“Stepping Outside the Grade Level Box” by Sarah Small
“That hallmark of traditional schooling—the passing from grade to grade—isn’t of utmost importance in homeschooling. The age/grade correlation just isn’t necessarily present.” (SS)

Teacher Feature

Free High School Resources You Won’t Want to Miss
Some of the resources listed on this website include planners, online courses, Bible note booking, audio books, and more. This list even includes free high school level textbooks available for your Kindle.

40 Ways to Distract a Toddler
Are you in need of some ideas that will help you entertain your toddlers? Well, here are some great ideas that will enable you and your older children to concentrate on those subjects that require limited interruption time.

It’s Elementary

DIY Spinny Spellers and Repurposing Duplo Bricks
Turn learning how to read into a fun activity. In this blog entry, the author posts pictures and gives instructions on how to make your own spinny spellers and word blocks as well as all kinds of ideas on how to use them.

What a Ride
Here’s an inspiring blog entry that may help to spark the spirit of giving in your family. This author describes the thirty-five random acts of kindness that she and her family came up with to celebrate her birthday. She describes each one and even includes pictures.

High School and Beyond

Finances 101
This free, online game teaches high school students about the financial demands of the real world. Whether they roll the dice, spin the wheel, or draw a card, they will travel around this board and learn about earning a wage, paying bills and more in this fun game.

How to Create a Website for Teens
Do your teenagers have an interest in creating their own website? What a great project idea. Here’s a helpful checklist to review before getting started.

Note: Ideas and opinions expressed on the websites in this column are not necessarily those of the author or NCHE.


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