Surveying the Sites

11 Nov 2015

We’ve been busy surveying the Internet for websites that you will enjoy. Our goal is to provide something for everyone so we’ve organized these fun, informative, and educational sites into four categories for you to explore.

Articles of Interest
“How to Homeschool Multiple Ages” by Jolanthe
“We’re gearing up for our eighth year of homeschooling and while we are tweaking and adjusting our schedule each year, there are few key things that make the process of homeschooling multiple ages and children easier.” (J.)

“Why We Still Homeschool”
“I was never really for or against homeschooling, just didn’t have any thought about it at all. I didn’t know any homeschoolers and certainly didn’t plan to be one. Funny how God works.” (1plus)

Teacher Feature
100 Resources for Teaching Kids with Dyslexia        
This website gives you a host of information on books, courses, websites, articles, games, apps, curriculum, and much more. This site will encourage any parent in need of navigating the waters of dyslexia and give you the confidence you need to take the next step.

5 Ways to Teach a Kid That Fidgets 
Teaching fidgety kids can be a challenge. These tips will serve you well if you are looking for ideas that will help both you and your child survive and thrive in their academics. 

It’s Elementary
Leaf Identification Cards

There’s nothing quite like the fun of taking a nature walk through the woods. The smell of the forest and the crunching leaves underfoot. Have your kids collect a variety of leaves and then use the print outs from this website to teach them about the different kinds of trees in your area. There are thirty identification cards for you to create a variety of activities.

Fall Leaf Printing with Markers
And, what do you do with all those leaves after you’ve identified them? Make leaf prints, of course. Pull out the markers and extend the fun by creating some fall artwork for your walls with this activity. (Here’s a related bonus site, just in case you like crayons more than markers.)

High School and Beyond
Six Life Skills for Teenagers
Sometimes we’re so busy trying to make sure that our teens are prepared for life that we can overlook some of the simple things they need to know. This short list is helpful, and may even serve as a springboard for remembering some of those helpful basics.

How to Keep Records in Your Homeschool High School
Part 12 in a series about homeschooling high school, this installment is filled with some great ideas and tips for keeping good records on each child during their high school years. While some of it reads like an advertisement (and it is), even that includes some good information for you.

Note: Ideas and opinions expressed on the websites in this column are not necessarily those of the author or NCHE.


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