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2013 Conference Offerings

Your Tween/Teen Can Write Well: Learning the Steps to Effective Writing
You Can Do Unit Study
You Become What You Behold
Will the Real “Classical Education” Please Stand Up!
Why Your Homeschooling Must Be Different
Why You Need to Teach Geology Again and Again and Again and How to Do It
Why the New Testament Can Be Trusted
Why Kids Walk Away from Their Faith (and What to Do about It)
Why Homeschool? Gentle Answers for Tough Questions
Why Don't They Believe Like I Do?
Who’s Waiting for Your Kids?
When More Is Less: A Call to Simplicity in Your Schedule, Your Home and Your Children’s Education
When Moms Teach Resistant Children
What’s the Big Deal about Pornography?
What to Do when Your Plan Doesn’t Go According to Plan
What to Do when Dad Isn’t on Board
What Our Mom Did Right; What Our Mom Did Wrong
What Makes “Christian” Parenting Christian?
What Is God’s Will for My Life?
What Is Christian Classical Education (and How Do I Do It)?
What Is an Auditory Processing Disorder?
What I’ve Learned in Twenty Years
What Homeschoolers Won’t Talk About
What Homeschoolers Won’t Talk About
What Every Son should Know, What Every Father should Teach (Derek)
What Do They Believe?–Why Teaching Our Children a Biblical Worldview Is More Important than Ever
What Books to Look for and Why it Matters
What Are You Thinking?—Learning Styles and Beyond
Virtues and Values: A Family’s Quest for Conscientious Living Via Literature and History
Using Unit Studies to Ignite the Love of Learning in Your Children
Unwary Victims: Finding Freedom from Mindsets that Enslave
Understanding the NC Homeschool Law & DNPE
Understanding the NC Homeschool Law & DNPE
Understanding the NC Homeschool Law
Understanding the College Application Essay
Understanding Intelligent Design
Understanding DNPE
Twenty-first Century Homeschooling: What Leaders Need to Know
Tweaks That Could Save You Time and Money in Your Homeschool
Turning Your Preschoolers into Life-Long Learners
Tuition-Free Dual Enrollment Opportunities
Tuition Free Dual Enrollment Opportunities
Truth or Tragedy
Truth and Love: What Do I Say to My Gay Friend?
Training Boys to Become Men: Rites of Passage, Ceremonies, and Blessings
Touch Screen Technology and the Young Child
Top Ten Passions from a Homeschool Veteran
Top Ten Free Technology Tools for Homeschoolers
Throwing Light on the Dark Side: Good vs. Evil in Contemporary Youth Literature
Three Homeschool Movement Founders and their Legacies
Three Homeschool Movement Founders and Their Legacies
This, We Believe
This Can’t Wait Until High School! Teaching a Biblical Worldview to ages 6-14
Things I Wish I'd Known
They Look to You
The Verge: Intellectual Suicide or Biblical Truth
The Value of Non-Academic Education
The Ugly Side of Homeschooling
The Thrill of a Thriving Marriage
The Three Hungers
The Supportive Homeschool Dad—How to Have a Presence in Your Absence (Derek)
The Six Traits of Great Writing
The Relationship between God and Government
The Quiet Schooling of Nature
The Power of Wow
The Power of Servanthood
The Power of Praise with Our Children
The Power of Investment
The Power of Attitude
The Power of a Home Purpose
The Place of Outside Classes and Activities in Your Homeschool
The Place of Outside Classes and Activities in your Homeschool
The Place of Outside Classes and Activities in Your Homeschool
The Paradigm of Wonder
The Most Fascinating Discussion of Grammar in the History of the World (or Your Money Back!)
The Mommy Spa
The Loving Father: The Why and How of Dads Telling Stories
The Key to Education Is Relationship
The Joys (and Heartbreaks) of Adoption
The Incredible Influence of Film and Television
The Importance of Storytelling
The Hidden Struggles of Homeschoolers
The Greatest Deterrent to Homeschooling—Fear and Inadequacy
The Girlfriend's Guide to Homeschooling or "All the Things No One Tells You"
The Frugal Homeschooler
The Four Language Arts
The Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing
The Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing
The Five Flavors of Homeschooling
The First Five Years of Homeschooling (I Mean Parenting)
The Fifth H: Head, Heart, Hands, Health and Homeschooling
The Empty Nest—It’s Coming
The Early Years: Homeschooling Your Preschooler
The Day I Flunked My Homeschool Kid
The Danger of a Struggling Dad
The Common Core and Homeschoolers
The Cold-Case Reliability of the Gospels
The Cold Case Problem of Evil
The Cold Case for God’s Existence
The Case for Truth