2014 Conference FAQ

What is the difference between conference workshops and vendor workshops?
Conference workshops are done by speakers who have been invited to participate in our conference. The topics are usually encouraging or how-tos about homeschooling and family. A vendor workshop is done by one of our vendors and usually explains their product in more detail than they are able to do in the book fair.

What is included in Book Fair Only admission?
This includes admission to the book fair during its regular hours, admission to vendor workshops.

What is included in Full Conference admission?
This entitles you to attend the book fair during regular hours, all conference and vendor workshops, keynote sessions teen and alum activiries, talent show and OBB concert.

When and where do you get the CDs/MP3s?
There is a recording order table located in the Main Hall outside South Main 3. Recordings will be reproduced in 2 ways: CD’s, or MP3′s. Recordings are available for sale immediately following the sessions. You may also pick up an order form from the registration table or the NCHE Recording table to order multiple copies easily. If you decide to order a complete set, you may pick it up at the end of the conference.

How do I know which number to order and how much the recordings cost?
Each session is assigned a number, which is in the program. Simply note the CD/MP3 number you desire and ask for that one. The order form, which is available at the registration desk and recording table, has all of these numbers listed as well.

Can I buy recordings after the conference?
Yes; MP3′s may be downloaded from the website.

Do you record the Talent Showcase?
Yes, VAE records the Talent Showcase. You can obtain the DVD for a nominal charge which covers the cost of recording and materials.  

Do you record Graduation?
Yes, we do record graduation ceremonies. The DVD’s can be ordered at the conference from Visual Aid Electronics.

Do you sell DVD’s of the keynotes and other sessions?
Yes – VAE records DVD’s of all keynotes and several other sessions by our feature speakers. These can be ordered at the conference through Visual Aid Electronics. 

What is the College and Camp Fair?
This is an opportunity for students to meet and talk with college recruiters who are interested in homeschooled students. There are also several area camps represented, as well as a few non-profit organizations.

When and Where is the College and Camp Fair?
The College and Camp Fair is located in the Garden Terrace on the 2nd floor of the Embassy Suites hotel. The Fair is held on Friday from 10:00AM to 4:00 PM.

How do I find a particular booth in the book fair?
There is a map in your program of each vendor and speaker in the book fair. Simply refer to the numbered list or the alphabetical list and then find that number on the layout map. Or you can ask for directions at the NCHE table.

Where is lost and found?
The Lost and Found is located at the information table and at the NCHE table in the book fair.

Do you have someone who can help me choose curriculum?
Yes! We have a mentoring table located just outside the book fair. Experienced homeschool moms will be available to answer all your questions as well as help you weave through the maze of the book fair and curriculum choices.

Can anyone attend the graduation ceremony?
Yes, both graduation ceremonies are open to anyone who would like to attend.

 Where are the teen activities located?
Teen activities are located in the Pavilion on the lower floor of Embassy Suites Hotel.

Is there an additional charge to participate in the teen activities?
There is no additional charge for these events. However, full conference admission is required. If your teen is not registered for the full conference, he or she can purchase a ticket for the teen activities for an additional $5.00 at the registration table or at the door of the activity.

Can I make hotel reservations for next year during this conference?
Hotel reservations for Marriot and Embassy Suites for the 2014 conference can be made October 1. Rooms will be gone VERY quickly, but many times there are more available before the conference.

What is a speaker handout?
Many of the speakers prepare a notes about their talk to give to people who attend their workshop. NCHE places the handouts, or notes, for all of the sessions on our website next to the speaker’s workshop list as pdf’s to be printed out.