2014 Conference Mentor Applicant Reference

If you are completing this form, it is because someone you know has applied to be a homeschool mentor at the next NCHE Conference and Book Fair. This person has asked you to provide a reference. 

An NCHE Conference mentor would be responsible for answering questions and encouraging homeschoolers while he or she is at the conference.

Thank you for completing this form as it helps us make sure we choose the right people to best serve the homeschoolers at the NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair.

Name of the person who has applied to be a NCHE Conference mentor and for whom you are providing a reference.
Reference Provider
You are the Reference Provider. Please provide some contact information so that NCHE can reach you in case we have additional questions.
How long have you known the applicant?
In what capacity do you know the applicant?
Is this person someone you would go to for homeschooling advice? Please explain your answer.
Why would this person be a good mentor to homeschoolers at the NCHE conference?