Conference Academic Competition

Announcing the First NCHE High School Academic Competition! NCHE High School Academic Competition Registration form.pdf

Friday, May 26, 9 a.m. at the NCHE Thrive! Conference, high school students will have the opportunity to compete for a $500 scholarship to the college of their choice.  Second and third place winners will receive trophies.

Designed and organized by Dr. Tim Mizelle, retired college professor, the North Carolina Homeschool Academic Competition will be a fun morning of educational games. Based on Quiz Bowl or Jeopardy type questions, students will have the opportunity to answer questions on a wide range of high school academic subjects, including current events, literature, history, geography, sciences and mathematics (no calculator permitted).  Examples of competition questions include:

Who was the Baltimore author of "The Telltale Heart" and "The Raven?"  What is the probability of rolling at least one four on two standard six-sided dice?  Who was the Portuguese navigator whose crew completed the first circumnaviation of the Earth?  What group led the "British Invasion" in America with such hits as Love Me Do and I Want to Hold Your Hand?

ADULT VOLUNTEERS:  Adult volunteers will be needed to assist in the scoring process.  Please see the registration form.

REGISTRATION:  Preregistration by May 4 is required.  Please mail your registration, postmarked by May 4, along with your registration fee of $20 (check or money order payable to NCHE) to NCHE, c/o Evelyn Bickley, 832 Autumnwood Lane, Charlotte, NC 28213.  Non-refundable unless minimum registration of 35 is not reached.

Questions?  Please contact