Conference Volunteer

Please consider being one of our very important volunteers!
The NCHE conference needs about 250 volunteers to happen. There are several different volunteer jobs that need to be done for the conference to run smoothly. Be a part of our team to make our conference the best! 

Perks for Volunteers 
Volunteers receive a lanyard name tag and one free conference recording for every hour worked.

Free Conference Admission (for certain number of hours served)
Volunteers get free individual/couple conference admission for volunteering 10 or more hours and family registration for volunteering 15 or more hours. Teens attending without their family can get free admission for volunteering 5 hours. Alumni get free admission for volunteering 6 hours if they attend all three days or 2 hours per day if they attend one or two days. Teens must be older than 16 to count their volunteer time toward perks. 

In addition to the jobs listed below, you can volunteer to be a:

Heather Hampton is the conference volunteer coordinator. Following your submission, she will contact you. If you have any questions email her at

If you are a teen, how old are you?
Contact Information
Volunteer Opportunities
List the date and times you will be available to volunteer at the conference.
Please provide any additional information you'd like the volunteer coordinator to know or take into consideration.