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Diploma and Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation of your homeschooled son or daughter is a momentous occasion and worthy of celebration.  NCHE invites you to commemorate the occasion with your family and with your community of home-based educators, living in North Carolina and beyond. 

NCHE offers a diploma for a student who graduates in the fall or spring and hosts a Graduation Ceremony (in conjunction with the annual NCHE Conference) in May. The ceremony lasts approximately one hour. Students may invite a reasonable number of guests.

NCHE also offers the opportunity to recognize the graduate in the GREENHOUSE Graduate issue which is published in May.

Current membership is required to purchase an NCHE diploma, participate in the NCHE Graduation Ceremony, or be included in the GREENHOUSE Graduate issue. If you are not already a member, you can join for any donationThere is a discount for NCHE membership for three out of the last four years at the time the student graduates.  (If the student began homeschooling during high school, the requirement is membership two out of the last three years.) 

Learn more and order your graduate ceremony, diploma, GREENHOUSE recognition and additional NCHE graduate offerings at Graduate Central.