For 30 years NCHE has served North Carolinians and friends who support home education. Since 1984 NCHE's Greenhouse Report and now GREENHOUSE magazine has been bringing words of encouragement, methods of homeschooling, stories of student success and news to keep homeschoolers informed.

Because readers have different reading practices, NCHE makes GREENHOUSE available in three different ways:

The printed GREENHOUSE mailed to our hard copy subscribers and given to all NC legislators The PDF of the printed version of each quarterly issue publicly available on the NCHE website for download The online GREENHOUSE with weekly publishing of articles from the current issue


The names Greenhouse Report and GREENHOUSE were chosen to represent the type of care homeschooling parents are able to give to their children. Children are lovingly "tended" in a protected and nurturing environment until they are sufficiently mature to go out and take a place of service in the world.

In June, 2012, NCHE launched a new way to experience the Greenhouse Report newsletter by offering articles from the publication online. Every week, we make available a new article from the current issue. We asked for feedback: should we retire the printed newsletter and just concentrate on electronic formats?  The response we got was irrefutable: Electronic formats have benefit. They help connect many to information quickly and easily.

But, in addition, the feedback we received was clear: Homeschoolers also value the printed word. We develop relationships with our reading material; revisiting it over time and sharing favorites with family and friends. NCHE understands home educators. We share the appreciation for the printed word.

Starting in the fall of 2012, NCHE published GREENHOUSE, a quarterly magazine-journal, with a special fifth issue, a Graduate issue, celebrating our students and providing updates on alums—a testament to the power and grace of home education. GREENHOUSE continues the tradition of the Greenhouse Report, but makes use of a fresh design, building on the strength of the greenhouse analogy. This new design looks great on a coffee-table or a bookshelf. Look for it in libraries and bookstores.

Learn more about the history of the publication from the Introductory Article from the Fall 2012 issue.