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4 Nov 2015
Spencer Mason
Fall 2015
The Delconte Case: The First Step in NC Homeschool Freedom

For a quarter of a century, home educators in North Carolina have found it relatively easy to comply with our homeschool law. Anybody who has had much contact with the Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE) has learned that everybody there is homeschool friendly.

Homeschool History, Inside NCHE, Law & Policy
28 Oct 2015
Brian Gilpin
Fall 2015
NCHE Celebrates Thirty Years of Legal Homeschooling in North Carolina

In the spring of 1985, a significant victory took place in the long legal fight over home education in North Carolina.

Homeschool History, Law & Policy
21 Oct 2015
Kevin McClain
Fall 2015

It’s the fall of 2015, the beginning of a new academic year. I trust you had a summer full of activities that took advantage of the great resources in NC, from our mountains to our beaches. I hope you were able to schedule an extended visit with family and friends.

From the President
14 Oct 2015
Diane Helfrich
Fall 2015
An Election Day Opportunity for High School Students

In our homeschools, one of the great things we have is flexibility. We can engage in experiences that are sometimes hard within a traditional system because they require being away from the school.

7 Oct 2015
Amanda Garner
Summer 2015
Invisible Disabilities

We faced a new season in our homeschool this past year as we decided not to return to the co-op we had participated in for a number of years.

Encouragement, Perspective, Community. Support
30 Sep 2015
Christina Parker Brown
Summer 2015
Trusting God in the Process

I recently went to a homeschool coffee social with new and seasoned homeschool moms. It was rewarding to go as an encourager. I hadn't realized that somehow over the last fifteen years, I had gone from a novice homeschool mom to being seasoned. (Although weathered or battle-scarred might be a better description.) I am now the mom I looked at fifteen years ago and thought, "Wow, she sure has it all figured out now that she has all those years of homeschooling under her belt." If she only knew.

Encouragement, Faith, Biblical Principles, Perspective
23 Sep 2015
Debbie Crawford, Joanne Giff
Summer 2015
A Beautiful Calling, but a Real Struggle—The Life of a Single Homeschool Mom

Anyone who has been called by God to homeschool will immediately understand the title of this article. Homeschooling can be romanticized in our minds.

Encouragement, Single Parents
16 Sep 2015
D. Kevin Brown
Summer 2015
Teaching the Important Stuff

Most homeschool families desire to teach the principles of God to their children so that they grasp, and eventually own, their own faith—they get it, when it comes to following Jesus Christ.

Perspective, Goals, Biblical Principles, Character
9 Sep 2015
Kathryn (Bell) Gomes
Summer 2015
The Redesigned SAT—Math

Last winter the College Board announced a completely redesigned SAT, creating lots of questions and anxiety about the new format. In this article, I’d like to address the changes to the math sections of the test. All of the information I am citing is available on the College Board website.

Testing, Math, Preparing for College
2 Sep 2015
Steve Lambert
Summer 2015
Who Benefits the Most from Homeschooling?

Study after study demonstrates that statically speaking, children taught at home do better academically than children taught in classrooms.

Encouragement, Perspective, Biblical Principles
26 Aug 2015
Debra Bell
Summer 2015
Marking Memorable Moments in Your Homeschool

One of the attractions of homeschooling is the opportunity to seamlessly fuse our children’s education with the rhythms of family life. One of the downsides, I learned, is children are never quite sure where they stand in terms of their educational progress.

Back to School, Family Life
19 Aug 2015
Dara Halydier
Summer 2015
Learning to Serve

Homeschooling opens up a myriad of opportunities for service and allows the parent to display servant leadership that can then be emulated by the children. Servant leadership is the biblical leadership model that Jesus used. He did not sit to the side and give orders.

Character, Ministry
12 Aug 2015
Denise Moore
Summer 2015
Never Too Old to Continue to Learn

I have always loved learning new things. While my children were still at home, I learned how to run sound (for my church), how to buy stocks (for a stock club) and Latin (just for fun). These were topics that I initially knew absolutely nothing about—I was definitely a “Greek to me” novice.

Empty Nest, Methods
5 Aug 2015
Sally Matheny
Summer 2015
Pickin’ and Grinnin’ with Music and NC History at the Earl Scruggs Center

If you grew up watching The Beverly Hillbillies, you may remember musicians Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt. Occasionally, they sauntered through the Clampetts’ mansion door pickin’ and grinnin’. If you missed their appearances, you didn’t miss out on their music. Scruggs and Flat also performed the theme song for the show.

NC Treasures, Field Trips
29 Jul 2015
Lorie Codispoti
Summer 2015
Surveying the Sites

We’ve been busy surveying the Internet for websites that you will enjoy. Our goal is to provide something for everyone so we’ve organized these fun, informative, and educational sites into four categories for you to explore.

Articles of Interest

Helpful Websites
22 Jul 2015
Rebekah Hendricks
Summer 2015
From Classroom to School Room

It's amazing how God can change your heart in ways you would never expect.

15 Jul 2015
Elizabeth Macdonald
Summer 2015
Make This Summer a Turning Point for Struggling Readers

As the summer draws in, parents around the country are carefully planning their summer strategies for encouraging learning. The strategies themselves vary hugely depending on the children, however, there is one element that is consistent across the board, and it is some form of reading.

Struggling Learners, Reading
8 Jul 2015
Kevin McClain
Summer 2015
Kevin’s Kluge: Behind the Scenes at the Thrive! Conference Teen Game Night

The annual conference, our thirty-first, just concluded. It was an exciting experience with wonderful opportunities, as usual. There were lots of things I did during the conference that left an impression on me.

From the President, Conferences
1 Jul 2015
Evelyn Bickley
Spring 2015
How to Give Yourself a Scholarship

One February morning a few years ago, I stood in my son’s bedroom looking at his Apologia biology textbook. He had been diligently working his way chapter by chapter through the book, and I was preparing to quiz him on the vocabulary and end of chapter review questions.

High School, Practical Helps
24 Jun 2015
J. Mark Fox
Spring 2015
Read a Good Book to Your Children

When my children were little, we would read good books together several nights a week. We spent time with Peter and Lucy in Narnia, with Laura Ingalls on the Minnesota prairie and we even walked the battlefields of France with Sgt. Alvin York.

Parenting, Fathers, Faith, Family Life
17 Jun 2015
Tanya Dickens
Spring 2015
Everyone Wins When Spouses Show Mutual Love and Respect

It's never healthy for people in a relationship to compare responsibilities, but if someone feels their role in the home is minimized or taken for granted, it's easy to get caught up in this game.

Family Life, Marriage, Parenting
10 Jun 2015
Jen Greenholt
Spring 2015
How to Study Science as Leonardo da Vinci

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Thomas Jefferson and John D. Rockefeller have in common? Not all of these individuals were professional scientists, but all of them used the same simple tool of scientific inquiry to pursue their passions: a notebook.

Science, Practical Helps, Methods
3 Jun 2015
Susannah Wares
Graduate 2015
Letter to Homeschool Grads

“Hi. My name is Susannah, and I’m homeschooled.” It’s kind of weird not having to say that anymore when people ask me where I’m going to school.

Graduation, Alumni
27 May 2015
Jonathan Paul Shockey
Spring 2015
Are You Considering Military Service?

Spring is the time to take action if a home-educated child is interested in a military academy nomination or a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship leading to a commission as a military officer.

Practical Helps, High School
20 May 2015
Kevin McClain
Graduate 2015
Kevin’s Kluge, Graduation: a Time for Rest and Respect

It's graduation time, and I have the annual privilege of congratulating another group of young adults and their parents on successfully completing the marathon of providing and receiving a secondary education. It's a great thing to be a graduate.

From the President, Graduation
13 May 2015
Cindy Townsend
Graduate 2015
Reflections of a Reluctantly Retired Homeschool Mom

There I was, two years after my youngest had graduated from high school, walking through the annual NCHE book fair. This was the third NCHE conference that I’d attended with no one to buy for and nowhere to apply my new knowledge from all the wonderful workshops. What torture!

From the Archives, Empty Nest, Graduation
6 May 2015
Jessica Thompson
Spring 2015
Of the Lord

“Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4

“Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged.” Colossians 3:21

Parenting, Faith
29 Apr 2015
Pat Brewer
Spring 2015
Clearing Up Testing Misconceptions

As someone who deals daily with questions and concerns about testing homeschoolers, I have encountered a number of misconceptions and some erroneous information concerning testing of homeschoolers.

Practical Helps, Testing
22 Apr 2015
Debra Bell
Spring 2015
What I Wish I’d Known—about Homeschooling

My son Michael wasn’t all that thrilled to be homeschooled the first year we started. He gave me a month and then took matters into his own hands. He said we needed to set a schedule. We were doing something different every day!

Practical Helps, Encouragement, Perspective
15 Apr 2015
Kevin McClain
Spring 2015
Kevin’s Kluge: A Busy Season

It has been a busy season for the organization, and the busyness reinforces my belief that NCHE serves a critical need among North Carolinians.

From the President, Inside NCHE