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9 Jul 2014
Kevin McClain
Summer 2014
Kevin’s Kluge A First for Dr. Bradley: Addressing an Assembly of Homeschoolers

In May NCHE held its thirtieth annual conference in Winston-Salem. As I write this, I am still recovering from the whirlwind of the experience. The conference has been the cornerstone of the service NCHE provides the residents of North Carolina.

From the President, Conferences
2 Jul 2014
Nancy Coleman
Spring 2014
Use Your Homeschool to Accomplish God’s Purposes

People Are Different

Family Life, Ministry
25 Jun 2014
Lorie Codispoti
Spring 2014
Surveying the Sites

We’ve been busy surveying the Internet for websites that you will enjoy. Our goal is to provide something for everyone so we’ve organized these fun, informative, and educational websites into four categories. Have fun exploring!

Articles of Interest

18 Jun 2014
J. Mark Fox
Spring 2014
Dads Are Plan A with a Powerful Backup

“It’s a good thing for kids to have daddies. They protect them.” Those words were spoken by my three-year-old grandson, Blake, to his father. In a world increasingly losing its mind about the importance of fathers, leave it to a toddler to cut to the chase.

Family Life, Fathers
11 Jun 2014
James Dickens
Spring 2014
Armed for Success: A Father’s Guide to Securing His Homeschool against Spiritual and Emotional Intrusions and Distractions

As fathers and husbands, we are called not only to provide for our families but also to protect them spiritually, emotionally and physically. How do we do this in our homeschooling families?

Parenting, Family Life, Fathers
4 Jun 2014
Lynda Russell
Graduate 2014
Out of the Greenhouse, into the Garden: A Perspective on My Son’s Graduation

I want to express the gratitude I have to the Lord Who allowed me to have these eighteen years at home with my son.

28 May 2014
Kevin McClain
Graduate 2014
Thriving through All Stages of Life

Congratulations graduates on completing your high school course of study and earning your high school diploma!

21 May 2014
Diana Waring
Graduate 2014
With the End in Mind

Finishing the homeschool race well means finishing.

 Now, this does not mean that you have to finish every book, conversation, subject, or project. We all have lots of unfinished projects and business and books in our lives.

14 May 2014
Diane Allen
Spring 2014
Understanding Achievement Test Scores

Once you have chosen an achievement test and administered it, the final step of the annual process is interpreting the score report. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that this can be the most intimidating step.

Testing, Practical Helps
7 May 2014
Amy Sloan
Spring 2014
Upon a Life I Have Not Lived

Upon a life I have not lived,
Upon a death I did not die,
Another’s life, Another’s death,
I stake my whole eternity.

Encouragement, Faith, Mothers
30 Apr 2014
Diana Waring
Spring 2014
The Value of a Homeschool Conference

Imagine asking a doctor, “Do we need doctors?” or a fire fighter, “Do we need fire fighters?” or a museum curator, “Do we need curators?” Of course each would answer, “Yes!” There is a certain subjectivity with an answer framed from the self-interest of continuing their careers, isn’t there? Even though that is obvious, nevertheless, when we stop and look at the question objectively, we agree that there really is a need for doctors, fire fighters and curators.

23 Apr 2014
Jen Greenholt
Spring 2014
Why We’re Still Talking about Socialization

There is one question that every homeschool parent dreads. I bet you know the one I mean: “What about socialization?” Homeschool graduates like me dread a related comment: “You were homeschooled? But you’re so normal!” Cue the eye rolls. Yes, we know; it is a modern miracle.

Character, Socialization
16 Apr 2014
Rachael Carman
Spring 2014
God’s Plan for My Homeschooling Journey

We started this journey eighteen years ago. Through a series of circumstances, we found ourselves in a situation we never could have predicted. The system had failed us, and we had pulled our oldest son out of public school.

Encouragement, Mothers, Perspective, Faith
9 Apr 2014
Kevin McClain
Spring 2014
Kevin’s Kluge: NCHE, a Pioneer in Educational Freedom in NC

One of the best parts of the role of president is that I get to represent an organization with a thirty-year legacy of advocating for educational freedom. There is a growing educational reform movement in America, which means increased public dialogue about alternatives to the status quo.

From the President
2 Apr 2014
Diana Waring
Winter 2014
Persevering Perspective

You are facing extraordinary challenges, regardless of how easily your kids are learning. Parenting itself is more demanding, more fraught with difficulties, than ever before, and homeschooling adds layers of complexity, stress and labor beyond that.

26 Mar 2014
Jolene Kreiling
Winter 2014
My Homeschooling Deadly Ds

I don’t know about you, but I find myself beginning every school year with goals paralleling my mental image of a homeschooling Cleaver family. June wakes up cheerfully at least an hour before the rest of her family.

19 Mar 2014
Dale Brown
Winter 2014
NCHE Athletics: Cabarrus Claims State Championship in Boys Soccer

The 2013 NCHEAC Boys Soccer State Championship was held in Winston-Salem, October 18-19 at the Sara Lee Soccer Complex. Six teams competed in the tournament and seeding of those teams was based on regular season results.

12 Mar 2014
Matt Bianco
Winter 2014
Raising Renaissance Kids

When I was growing up, many of the families I knew had pizza night and game night. Not mine. We had go out to dinner night, usually every other Friday on payday. We didn’t have any other family nights, though.

Family Life, Practical Helps, Fathers
5 Mar 2014
Lorie Codispoti
Winter 2014
Surveying the Sites

Not everyone has the time to survey the Internet to find informative, fun, and educational websites for their family to enjoy. That’s why we offer this column. By dividing it into four sections, we work towards our goal—to provide something for everyone.

Helpful Websites
26 Feb 2014
Debbie Thompson
Winter 2014
How to Choose an Achievement Test

Many parents have questions about which achievement test would best fit their students. There have been several factors to take into consideration, but today, there is a new one: Do you want the test to be aligned to the Common Core?

Practical Helps, Testing
19 Feb 2014
Dale Brown
Winter 2014
NCHE Athletics: Asheville Three-Peats in Varsity Volleyball at the State Tournament

Three athletic programs—Asheville, Greensboro and North Wake—claimed a state title at 2013 NCHEAC Girls Volleyball tournaments held in Winston-Salem, October 18-19.

12 Feb 2014
Jason Jimenez
Winter 2014
Experiencing a Good Marriage

There is nothing more heart wrenching than sitting across the table from a Christian couple who want a divorce. I remember meeting with a couple I knew very well and respected highly. So (to my surprise) when they started to share with me their marital problems, I was totally thrown off guard.

Family Life
5 Feb 2014
Claudia Whitaker
Winter 2014
Homeschooling and 4-H Partnership Remains Strong

The youth education program of NC Cooperative Extension, 4-H, is based at NC State and NC A&T State Universities. In 2012 there were 237,591 young people between the ages of five and nineteen who participated statewide with the help of 20,780 adult and youth volunteers.

1 Feb 2014
Winter 2014
NCHE Athletics: Elissa Dawson Will Attend UNC on Diving Scholarship

Elisabeth Andrews Dawson (Elissa) is the daughter of Mark and Robin Dawson of Durham. Elissa has been homeschooled all her life. She is a national level diver who has been diving for eight years on club teams. Elissa received scholarship offers from UNC, Duke, Kentucky and Tennessee and signed her National Letter of Intent to dive for UNC.

29 Jan 2014
Marji McIlvaine, Diane Allen
Winter 2014
Let’s Talk about Achievement Tests

Achievement testing is the educational topic most likely to incite questions and concerns among homeschoolers. Homeschool parents have questions about the nature of achievement testing and why some states require testing for homeschoolers. Many parents also become concerned that their children pass their grade at the end of the year. Given these concerns and questions, it is no wonder that some parents become quite contentious altogether about the topic!

Practical Helps, Testing
22 Jan 2014
Ernie Hodges
Winter 2014
NCHE Athletics: A Photo Finish!

The NCHE Athletic Commission (NCHEAC) Cross Country Championships ended with the closest race in our history in the boys division with only 0.53 seconds separating first and second place.

15 Jan 2014
Spencer Mason
Winter 2014
Law and Policy: More Homeschool Regulation Will Not Prevent Child Abuse

The success of homeschooling has been well documented, and the number of homeschools in NC continues to grow. The Erica Parsons case has brought a lot of unwarranted attention to the homeschool community.

Law & Policy
8 Jan 2014
Kevin McClain
Winter 2014
Kevin’s Kluge: NCHE Moving Forward: Updated Vision and Bylaws

This issue is the first issue of 2014. It's a new year, and NCHE, like so many homeschooling parents in NC, is busy. We've been busy working on the organization—how we understand our work and go about it. In December, the organization approved some significant bylaws changes.

From the President, Inside NCHE
1 Jan 2014
Wendi Hilton
Fall 2013
Our Adoption Story

Our adoption story started in 1984. We went to see a movie that gave us a desire to want to give a child a home that does not have a home. The movie was not about adoption but for some reason it gave us a desire to adopt. I am not sure why it affected us like it did, but it left us with the desire to help children through adoption.

Family Life
18 Dec 2013
Delnora Williams
Fall 2013
Strategies for Success

Smoke filled the house. Josiah came to me saying that something was burning, but he didn’t know the source. I was too preoccupied to come and help him locate what was burning. But when I came to dinner, there was no mistaking that a cloud filled the house. Still I didn’t do anything.