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1 Mar 2005
March/April 2005
How to Fail at Homeschooling in Three Easy Steps

As I have reflected on that time in our lives, I have come to realize that I took three basic steps to becoming a homeschool failure. My hope is that, in sharing my mistakes, I will speak to the heart of some other mother who finds herself gazing a little too fondly at the big yellow school bus.

Encouragement, Reasons to Homeschool
1 Mar 2005
March/April 2005
Ten Reasons You Should Attend the NCHE Annual Conference

by Amelia Harper and Deborah Wuehler

1. You can gain new ideas and find creative resources. Many vendors reveal new products at the conference. You will find ideas that you have never seen!

1 Mar 2005
March/April 2005
They Call Her Blessed

It can be a hectic lifestyle, one that can chase the sanity from even the sanest individual, the patience from the most long-suffering saint and the serenity from the calmest person. It is often a demanding job, a thankless occupation and an overwhelming mission. So, I penned the following words of tribute to my wife, Karen, and in fact, as a tribute to all homeschool moms.

Encouragement, Mothers
1 Mar 2005
Hal & Melanie Young
March/April 2005
Hal’s about It: Happy and We Know It

But for most of us, this is the life. It’s hard work: bothersome at times, downright troublesome days, but generally speaking—a life we’ve chosen and can’t imagine trading.

I discovered a pattern in much of the educational and policy research that confirms homeschoolers’ commitment and satisfaction.

From the President, Encouragement, Reasons to Homeschool
1 Mar 2005
J. Mark Fox
March/April 2005
Outside the Greenhouse

There is nothing like the protection that a family can provide as we raise little ones to maturity in the greenhouse of home education. It is a safe place that nurtures these children like olive plants (Psalm 128:3) as they grow up.

Empty Nest, Encouragement, Faith, Family Life
1 Mar 2005
March/April 2005
What Do You Do When You Fall Behind?

I have learned through the years to fully rest in God and trust His plans for our school.

Encouragement, Faith
1 Jan 2005
J. Mark Fox
Jan/Feb 2005
Duty is Ours, Results are God’s

Adams cared deeply that slaves be set free, but whether they ever were or not was not his motivation. He fought for their freedom because it was the right thing to do, not because it was the most expedient.

History, Politics, Faith, Character
1 Jan 2005
Diane Allen
Jan/Feb 2005
In the Dreariness of Winter We Wonder: Is there Life after Homeschool?

A friend used to say that the hardest thing about homeschooling was January and February. Isn’t that the truth?

Perspective, Encouragement, Empty Nest
1 Jan 2005
Hal & Melanie Young
Jan/Feb 2005
Hal’s about It: So you’re homeschooling?…Wait, don’t answer yet.

Homeschooling is one of many routes to educating our children. When my family started homeschooling eleven years ago, there was no question about which highway we were on—the public and the private schools were on totally separate roadways, and the homeschool path had only been paved for a little while.

Now there are many places where the roads converge. Homeschoolers have more classroom opportunities, and students in traditional schools are finding ways to study at home. More and more students can be found at their kitchen table "doing school," yet not all of them are following the homeschooling route.

From the President, Perspective
1 Nov 2004
Hal & Melanie Young
November/December 2004
Hal’s about It: Peace or Freedom

The government couldn’t depend on controlling a population that had freedom to choose, so the task was to limit their choices first, then condition them to prefer their constrictions rather than seek out their future in a world without guarantees.

Just be wary of the call of “peace and security.” Freedom is a risky thing, but it’s what allows parents to effectively educate kids with special needs, precocious readers, those gifted in mechanics or dance or music, who may be all in the same family!

History, Perspective, Law & Policy
1 Nov 2004
November/December 2004
Homeschooling the Only Child

I soon began to notice that I was alone, in a sense. I never saw an only child on the cover (or the inside) of Teaching Home, or any other resource I found. I began to observe that homeschoolers are a prolific group—most of my friends had three or more children, and they weren't slowing down.

Yet, despite doubts from without or within, I returned to the comfort that God has ordained all our circumstances and His calling and provision still stands. My son truly enjoyed his own company and had no problems being an only child. We were able to go on more adventures using fewer resources, than anybody I knew, and we greatly enjoyed our years together at home.

Family Life, Perspective, Encouragement
1 Sep 2004
Hal & Melanie Young
September/October 2004
Hal’s about It: Civics Class Meets Real Life

Being people who treasure their individual freedoms and realize how jealously those freedoms must be guarded, we homeschoolers have always been a politically active group. From the very start of the modern homeschooling movement, families across the philosophical spectrum have taken a keen interest in the political situation around them.

Politics, From the President
1 Sep 2004
Cindy Townsend
September/October 2004
Reflections of a Reluctantly Retired Homeschool Mom

There I was, two years after my youngest had graduated from high school, walking through the annual NCHE Book Fair. This was the third NCHE conference that I’d attended with no one to buy for and nowhere to apply my new knowledge from all the wonderful workshops. What torture!

Empty Nest, Encouragement, Perspective
1 Jul 2004
July/August 2004
Math: It's a Team Sport

However, when studying math, most children miss a strong grounding in the ability to think for themselves. They get into the rut of just doing what the math book tells them to do when they see a certain type of problem. This rut can be not only boring, but it can stunt their intellectual growth...

Math, Methods
1 Jul 2004
Mari Fitz-Wynn
July/August 2004
How Do You Spell Homeschool?

Whether we spell home school as two words or one—the new way according to Webster’s—our goals and vision for our children are determined by our vision of homeschooling.

Perspective, Encouragement, Goals
1 May 2004
J. Mark Fox
May/June 2004
Your Serve!

...we want our sons and daughters to grow up with a heart to serve others. We want them to follow the lead of the Lord Jesus who said, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45).

Character, Family Life, Faith
1 Mar 2004
March/April 2004
The Myth That Changed America

To the surprise of the majority of Americans, the phrase “separation between church and state” is not contained in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution or any amendment to it, or any other official document upon which our nation and government was founded.

History, Law & Policy, Politics
1 Jan 2004
Hal & Melanie Young
Jan/Feb 2004
Research Shows Homeschoolers Active in Society

Adults who were taught at home are reporting the homeschool experience has been an advantage to them in later years, and they are finding it is no detriment in college or career ambitions, according to a study just released by the National Home Education Research Institute.

Homeschool Research, Reasons to Homeschool
18 Nov 2003
Nov/Dec 2003
In Defense of Unschooling

We home educate because we feel “school” hampers our children’s creative, natural learning process that is uniquely their own.

Unschooling, Methods, Perspective
18 Sep 2003
Sep/Oct 2003
The Way to Sanity with Learning Challenged Kids: C.H.E.E.R. Them On!

Have you been looking for the right key to unlock social and academic progress with your learning challenged child?

Struggling Learners
22 Jul 2003
July/August 2003
My Journey to Unschooling

Journey—a word that suggests moving from one place to another. That certainly describes our experience with home education. We have not always been in this place of unschooling, living and learning. This is the story of how we got here.

Unschooling, Methods
16 Jul 2003
July/August 2003
My Homeschooling Story: From Refugee to Pioneer

Davis’ main concern voiced in his article is that even pioneers can lose sight of the real reasons they are homeschooling and slowly become refugees.

Beginner, Perspective
13 Jul 2003
July/August 2003
Homeschool Field Trip

Following a parting prayer, we are off! It has begun—another family vacation, or, as my wife, the teacher, refers to it, another homeschool field trip.

Vacations, History, Field Trips
19 May 2003
May/June 2003
The Gaze that Grace Gives

It has been said that a child’s first impression of God is found in the face of his mother. She gazes on him lovingly, ready to meet his every need, willing to sacrifice whatever she must to care for him, nurture him, teach him about his world, protect him, help him to find purpose and meaning in life.

Encouragement, Mothers, Family Life
12 May 2003
Mar/Apr 2003
Life in the Fast Lane

With childhood innocence she asked this killer question: “Deddy, why do we always go places in the fast lane?”

Encouragement, Family Life, Goals, Character
13 Feb 2003
Jan/Feb 2003
Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

When I hear the song, “Empty Chairs and Empty Tables” from Les Miserables, I need to have a box of Kleenex handy—especially lately. Many homeschooling families I know, including my own, have empty chairs at the table.

Encouragement, Family Life, Empty Nest
19 Jan 2003
Jan/Feb 2003
The Importance of Arts Education

Ask most homeschooling moms about the fine arts curriculum they are using and the answers will range anywhere from “What arts curriculum?” to “Arts? I barely have time for math and science! Who has time for the arts?”

6 Jan 2003
Debbie Mason
Jan/Feb 2003
Teaching Math at Home

Three of the goals that I had for my homeschool were that my children would love to learn, know how to learn and be allowed to learn at their own pace. I saw many problems that were caused by children being pushed to do something before they were developmentally ready. We often see children pushed in reading, but it also happens with math.

Practical Helps, Math
1 Nov 2001
November/December 2001
Is Homeschooling a “Blast from the Past”?

As I sat watching the movie with one of my best friends, a non-homeschooling mom, I became uncomfortably aware of the similarities between raising a son in an underground bomb shelter and raising him in a homeschooling environment.

Encouragement, Perspective
1 Nov 2001
November/December 2001
Gaining Confidence in Our Homeschooling

This article will discuss reasons to have confidence in our homeschooling, why it is sometimes difficult to develop and maintain confidence, and how we can increase our confidence.

Reasons to Homeschool, Perspective, Encouragement