Burke County Home Educators

Burke County Home Educators is an informal group of homeschooling families that live within Burke County or close proximity. While we all come from varied backgrounds, as well as different political and religious beliefs, we support and appreciate the diversity within our group. In BCHE we aim to treat each other with kindness and understanding, by focusing on what we have in common; the home education of our children and the desire to do the best for our families. The families within BCHE plan many different activities and events to give our children different experiences and times to get together.

Activities: Geography Bee, Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee 4-8 grade, park day 2-4 pm 2nd Friday of each month, 4th Monday moms' night out, email loop



Contact: Stacey Propst
Phone: (828) 390-6696
Email: whisperingwindsacademy@gmail.com

Area(s) Served: