Classical Conversations--Fayetteville

Classical Conversations partners with homeschooling parents who want a classical Christian education for their children.  Our weekly programs for students in K4-12th grade are academically demanding and are for families interested in pursuing a challenging classical curriculum.


The Foundations program is for elementary-aged children and their parents.  One day a week for 24 weeks, families meet at a Foundations community where the students are placed in groups of 8 by age/grade and taught to learn classically by a trained tutor.  Students participate in art projects, science experiments, oral presentations, and follow a rigorous memorization program.


The Challenge program is for middle and high school students.  For 30 weeks, they study six challenging subjects at home.  Within our Challenge communities they practice dialectic and rhetorical skills in a weekly 6-hour program along with tutoring in math, foreign language, complete science labs, exposition and composition, and more.




Area(s) Served: 
Fayetteville, Fort Bragg,