FACT (Families Advocating Christian Training)

Alexander County:  We are a group of Christian, homeschool families who have formed a support group. We have Mom's Meetings, PE classes, Music class, a Library class at our local library, and many field trip opportunities. We would love to have more families in our area participate in our group.

Requirements: Each family is required to pay a yearly fee of $15 for membership. We do not require new homeschool families to have a job, but we encourage all members to help share the load of the group by volunteering for various jobs throughout the year.

Benefits: We have a monthly newsletter. We plan field trips as a group, and we have a homeschool lending library.

Cost: $15 yearly


Contact: Tami Fox

Email: fiveblessings@bellsouth.net

Phone: (828)-632-6405

Area(s) Served: 
Taylorsville, Hiddenite, Stony Point