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Glossary of Groups

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Title Counties Region(s)
Berean Baptist Church Homeschool Group

This group helps homeschooling parents connect with and support each other.  We are primarily a field trip group.  One does NOT have to be a church member to participate with this group of Christian homeschoolers.

Cumberland Region 8
Bedford Homeschooling Group

We have field trips, MNOs, encouragement meetings, curriculum meeting, book swap, park days, starting a newsletter, and much more.  We are a Christian group open to all and open to new members in the Bedford subdivision and surrounding areas.

Wake Region 5
Biltmore Homeschool Ministry

A fun group of over 200 families thrives at Biltmore Baptist Church.  The group provides enrichment classes, field trips, Moms Night Out, etc.

Buncombe Region 1
Blue Ridge Christian Home Educators Wilkes Region 2
Bountiful Harvest Homeschoolers Wake Region 5
Brunswick County Home School Activity Group

Our main purpose is to reach out to all homeschoolers and their children by providing activities & education, as well as offering moral support & friendship.

Brunswick Region 9
Burke County Home Educators

Burke County Home Educators is an informal group of homeschooling families that live within Burke County or close proximity. While we all come from varied backgrounds, as well as different political and religious beliefs, we support and appreciate the diversity within our group.

Burke Region 2
Branch Leland Co-op

Co-op and Mom's Support Night

Brunswick Region 9
Bryson City Homeschoolers Facebook Page (Swain County) Swain Region 1
By God's Grace Homeschool Friends

By God's Grace Homeschool Friends


Mitchell, Yancey Region 2