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State-wide Groups

Some groups serve homeschoolers state-wide. Many of these groups are virtual groups.

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Name of Community
Creatively Parenting The Colorful Mind For Parents of Children with ADHD

Facebook Group desires to build a community of like-minded, positive, and gentle parents who are willing to swap ideas about parenting and homeschooling children with ADHD.

Crossway Homeschool Moms

Cross Way Homeschool Moms meets every 2nd month for encouragement + networking, offers a yahoo group for communicaiton, a Beta Leadership Club, and graduation.

Gifts NC

Online support group for parents homeschooling special needs children

Great Endeavor Homeschoolers

     We have a lot of ways for people to form friendships and get involved.  We are a working corporation looking for like minded families to be involved with a local community founded on Biblical principles.  Ridgecrest Baptist has kindly opened their doors for our group to call home.  We are grateful for their hospitality.

 What We Do

Field Trips

HARC (Homeschool Association of Randolph County)
HomeSchool County Connections
Homeschoolers around Wake County

Homeschoolers Around Wake County is a place for local homeschooling moms to connect and share ideas & information related to homeschooling. Moms who are considering homeschooling and/or considering moving to our area (Wake County & surrounding areas) are also welcome​.  This is a very active Facebook group which works to connect local homeschool families in person not just online.


Hope in the Sandhills

HOPE in the Sandhills is for homeschooling moms and their children in the Moore County area who want to Help Others Prioritize Education (HOPE) in their homes.


HOPE in the Sandhills Home School Support Groups and Cooperative 

School age (main group):


NC Adventurous Home Educators

NC Adventurous Home Educators is an all inclusive homeschool group that is based out of the Piedmont Triad, but offers fun, educational activities and trips all over NC and its bordering states.

NC Homeschool Adventures

We’re an all ages secular homeschool group  exploring North Carolina together.

The goal for this group is to have it all. Support, field trips across the state and beyond, and those weekly meet ups for the kids to truly build friendships.  Most activities center around the Raleigh Area. There is no forced participation, the only rule is to respect everyone’s views and opinions.

Secular means no religious content. This is a place open to all so we leave our faith at the door. You can go ahead and leave politics there too.

North Carolina African-American Homeschoolers

This is a statewide support group for African-Americans.

Piedmont Homeschoolers Yahoo Group

This group is offered as a means of disseminating news and information of interest among homeschool families residing in the Piedmont region.

Principle Approach Families of NC

This is a group for families utilizing the Principle Approach to homeschooling in NC.

Providence Tutorials

We are a Christian homeschool enrichment program that gathers once a week to partner with parents as they educate their children. Providence began in the fall of 1994 with approximately thirty children from the homeschool support group, Triangle Christian Home Educators.


Region 8 Front Porch

Region 8 Front Porch is a Christian-based, inclusive email group designed to serve all homeschoolers in Region 8. This group promotes homeschooling events, opportunities, and news both in our region and throughout the state. In addition, it is our desire to develop a sense of community where we can promote relationships, field trips, and social opportunities for those in our area.

Rockingham County Home Educators
SHPSNC (Single Homeschooling Parents of NC)

Online support group for single parents who are homeschooling

Southeast Middlers at Home

Southeast Middlers at Home (SEMAH)

An inclusive, secular social network for Johnston County and Wake County homeschool families with upper elementary and/or middle school age (9-13yo) children. This network is not meant to take the place of the larger area support groups, but to fill the needs of this specific age group in our area. Of course, siblings of all ages are always welcome, but the focus is on making connections between the older kids. Regular meet-ups will be held in the western Johnston County/eastern Wake County area, with a co-op as a future possibility.

Southeast Triad Home Educators

The purpose of this group is to connect homeschooling families in Southeast Guilford County, North Carolina and nearby areas.  We are a secular group, welcoming all walks of life.  This group will be as active or inactive as the members choose to be here.  All members are welcome to form clubs, groups, field trip adventures, etc. as they choose.

The Bridge Learning Co-op

The Bridge is a drop-off co-op for middle and high schoolers.  We are affiliated with Forsyth Home Educators, and our motto is "Integrity in Education".

THE SCOOP (Triad Home Educator Support CO-OP)

This group is for anyone in the Triad area who is interested in being a part of a support message group; a place for encouragement, support, resources, information, and Christian fellowship among other area home school families.  

Totally Au-some Homeschooling

This group was created to relay information and resources specifically related to homeschooling Autistic children of all ages in our McDowell County and surrounding Western North Carolina areas.

Here, we homeschool while continuing to educate and bring awareness of the answers that are out there for accommodation, inclusion, self-advocacy, compassion and understanding instead of pity or intolerance.