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Graduating & Issuing a Diploma

Graduation Requirements

North Carolina does not have graduation requirements for homeschoolers. Like other private schools, homeschools may set their own graduation requirements. Public high schools in NC require a student to have a minimum of 20 or 21 credits to graduate (depending on their track). When your student has met your graduation requirements, you may issue a diploma to him. Some support groups organize graduation ceremonies, while some families prefer to plan their own service at their church or home. NCHE hosts a statewide graduation ceremony at the annual conference in May.


Each homeschool in the state of North Carolina is a private school and has the privilege of conferring a high school diploma on students who have successfully met the graduation requirements set by the homeschool. Families may design their own diploma or purchase ready-made or custom-made diplomas. For qualifying member families, NCHE provides a beautiful diploma for the homeschool to present to the graduating student.

NOTE: NCHE does not confer diplomas or set graduation requirements. Setting graduation requirements and confering a diploma are the responsibility of the homeschool's administrator.   As the administrator of your homeschool, you determine if your student has met the requirements of graduation, and if he or she, you confer on him or her the status of graduate.

However, NCHE offers a distinctive NCHE diploma to those homeschool seniors whose families meet the memberhip qualifications. These beautiful diplomas are individualized with the name of the school, the student's name and the date of graduation. They are enclosed in a hunter green diploma cover, bearing the NCHE logo in gold foil. Each diploma has the NCHE gold seal and the signature of the NCHE president, along with a place for the school administrator to sign.

Qualifications for NCHE diploma: NCHE membership for three out of the last four years at the time the student graduates. (If the student began homeschooling during high school, the requirement is membership two out of the last three years.) 

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