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Our Mission and Ideals

In 1984, North Carolinians for Home Education was organized by homeschool parents to support and encourage home educators and to protect the right to freely home educate in North Carolina. For 30 years, NCHE has endeavored to serve the homeschoolers in NC. As in 1984, NCHE continues to work to promote the excellence of home education, provide support for those who choose to do so, and protect the right to homeschool. Our name was selected so as to include all who are for home education, not just those who are currently homeschooling. Most of the work of the ministry of NCHE is accomplished by volunteers.

NCHE Mission

NCHE has a vision for flourishing families and thriving generations in which people remain passionate, curious and actively engaged in their faith and in their learning. Home education is a great way to educate children, especially young children, and to nurture future generations. Home education situates a child’s development in their natural environment and encourages learning that is experiential and knowledge that is integrated. Home education fosters strong social relations, starting in the home. As a result, home education nurtures the whole child. NCHE encourages parents in their home education and advocates for a state which respects and protects the right of parents to practice home education.

NCHE Purpose

NCHE affirms the right and responsibility of parents to direct the education of their children. Our purpose is to protect the freedom to educate at home, to provide encouragement and support to families choosing home education for their children, and to promote home education as an excellent means of education. This is what we commonly refer to as the three Ps: Protect, Provide, Promote.

  • to PROTECT the freedom of educating at home
  • to PROVIDE encouragement & support to families who choose home education for their children
  • to PROMOTE home education as an excellent means of education

NCHE Core Values

  • NCHE is operated on the basis of biblical principles, welcoming members of all races, nationalities, and religions who support home education.
  • NCHE shall promote the positive aspects, and excellent quality of home education. There shall be no public statements or any materials distributed that denigrates other organizations, religious affiliations, or any governmental officials or agencies. However, NCHE shall defend home education against specific policies, which jeopardize the freedom to homeschool.
  • NCHE shall work to establish and maintain a professional working relationship with other organizations, the NC General Assembly, and government agencies to affect our mission and carry out our purpose.
  • As parents have the freedom to choose the methods and materials with which to educate their children, NCHE will not develop or endorse any specific curriculum or methodology for use in homeschooling. NCHE does encourage individual members to share their curricular and method experiences with other homeschooling families.

NCHE Ideals:

  • Educational Excellence
  • Parental Authority and Responsibility for Education
  • Protection and Promotion of the Family
  • Diligence in Moral and Ethical Instruction
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Freedom of Choice Among Educational Alternatives
  • Defense of Constitutional Rights

Some Things NCHE Does

  • Annual Conference—The NCHE conference occurs in Winston-Salem in late May featuring national and regional speakers, workshops and activities for teens and alums, a children's program, and a book fair of over 45,000 square feet. It is one of the largest in the nation.
  • GREENHOUSE Magazine—For thirty years, our flagship magazine has been bringing words of encouragement, methods of homeschooling, stories of student success and news to keep homeschoolers informed. GREENHOUSE is available in print and digital formats.
  • NCHE Website—The website is a helpful resource for homeschoolers in NC and beyond. It gives information for homeschoolers of all stages.
  • Legislative Watch—NCHE monitors both state and national legislation that may restrict our right to homeschool. We also propose and support positive legislation where needed.
  • NCHE Athletic Commission—NCHEAC offers a wide variety of sports. Middle and high school sports include boys baseball, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls cross country (individual and team), golf (individual and team), boys and girls soccer, boys and girls swimming (individual and team), girls volleyball and girls and boys fencing.
  • Graduation Ceremony—Coinciding with our annual conference, NCHE hosts a state-wide graduation ceremony for high school seniors.
  • Media Resource—NCHE is a well-known resource for reporters who want to interview a knowledgeable source.
  • Facebook Page--NCHE maintains an active Facebook page.

NCHE Leadership

NCHE is governed by a board of directors. This board is composed of volunteers who fill one of the 12 designated positions each with a different role. In early 2014, NCHE revised the board positions to reflect the changing needs of the homeschooling community. We revised some of the existing positions and created several new ones. Working with the board, NCHE has several volunteer positions: regional liaisons and committee members. It takes a lot of work with many hands to accomplish the ministry of NCHE.


From the beginning of NCHE, joining NCHE and becoming a member has been a way that someone shows support of homeschooling in NC and the ministry of NCHE. Anyone who supports homeschooling can join with any donation. The only other requirement is “a family or household member who homeschools must be in compliance with existing North Carolina law.”