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Mar 9, 2013
Law & Policy

HB144 (Tax Credit) and HB228 (Sports)

HB144: Homeschoold Education Income Tax Credit

HB 144, Homeschool Education Income Tax Credit, has passed the first reading and has been assigned to the House Committee on Education. If favorable it will go to the House Committee on Finance, and if favorable it will go to the House Appropriations Committee.

This bill extends a $1,250 tax credit per semester for each child enrolled in a homeschool. There are a number of conditions that should not be a problem to most homeschoolers. Families claiming the tax credit will be subject to no additional regulations or requirements, other than identifying the children who are being homeschooled. The credit in not a refundable credit, but any unused portion of the credit can be carried forward for the succeeding three years.

If they are not listed below, contact your representative and ask him/her to support HB 144.

Here are the 8 sponsors.

Larry PittmanCarl FordChris MaloneJacqueline Shaffer;  (Primary)
John BlustMichele PresnellJohn TorbettRena Turner (Co-Sponsors) 

HB 228: Homes Schoolers Participate in School Sports

HB 228, Home Schoolers Participate in School Sports, has passed the first reading and has been assigned to the House Committee on Education. If favorable it will go to the House Committee on Finance.

NCHE has not taken a position on this bill. However, we recognize that it is supported by many homeschoolers, and it could be beneficial to those families. It will have no effect on families in the homeschool community whose children don't participate in public school sports.

Possible problem areas in the bill:

  • “Assessment of academic progress. – A home schooled student shall demonstrate any required academic eligibility in all subjects taken in the home schooled program by a method of evaluation agreed upon by the parent and the school principal.” It may be difficult for some parents and principals to agree on a method.
  • Giving the principal the final determination on whether to allow the student to participate will virtually shut out any homeschool student from participating in public school high school sports, due to North Carolina High School Athletic Association regulations. A few middle school principals and coaches are more amenable to having homeschool students on their teams.

Here are the 16 sponsors.

McElraftClevelandFordBrody;  (Primary)
B. BrownR. BrownBumgardnerDobsonFairclothJonesJordanMaloneStamTurnerWarrenWray. (Co-Sponsors)

Feb 20, 2013

2013 Conference: Registration & More

We are delighted announce that registration for the NCHE Conference, May 23-25, 2013 is now open!  Please register ASAP to secure your spot! Just visit The NCHE Conference and Book Fair website to register today.

Feb 20, 2013

Register for Capital Fest 2013, March 12

More than just a day at the legislature, it's a look at all three branches of government, a lesson in North Carolina history, and a great springtime outing in Raleigh! Meet other homeschoolers from around the state as we join together to express our appreciation for our elected officials and remind them of the great success of home educators in North Carolina.