Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to the next. - GKChesterton


A poem

Loving the Differences in Our Children

When Chris and I first became parents just over twenty-four years ago, we didn’t know a thing about raising children for the Lord. So we embarked on a literary journey to see what the experts had to say about biblical parenting. We also talked to other Christian families whose children seemed to be content, polite and obedient, in order to glean from their wisdom and experience.

Do Less, Achieve More

Most people make their New Year’s resolutions in January. I make mine in August. The start-up of the new homeschool year is a much bigger event to me than the change of calendar years....This year, however, I will try to do things differently. The Lord spoke a little four-word sentence into my heart as I read my daily devotional book, God Calling, a few weeks ago. “Do less, achieve more.”