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Our Organization

NCHE is a representative organization governed by a board of officers and liaisons elected by NCHE members.

State-Wide Officers

Position Board Member's Name Email
President Kevin McClain
Treasurer Tanya Dickens
Secretary Diane Helfrich
Development Director VACANT
Media Manager VACANT  
IT Director John Kirkland
Marketing Director VACANT  
Events Director Debbie Mason
Activities Director Evelyn Bickley
Community Relations Director Kathy Iandoli
Homeschool Helps Director Amanda Wares
Law and Policy Director F. Spencer Mason
Advisor(s) Ronda Marshall

Regional Liaisons

Region Liaison's Name Email
Region 1 Jerri Neal
Region 2 Matthew McDill
Region 3 Fran Jones
Region 4 Anita Hudson
Region 5 Briggs Greenwood
Region 6 Jonathan Shockey
Region 7 April Briley
Region 8 Diane Helfrich
Region 9 Kathy Iandoli