Debra Bell

Presentations, Lectures, Workshops

Title Event
Twenty-first Century Homeschooling: What Leaders Need to Know 2015 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
The Six Traits of Great Writing 2015 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
Eight Reasons Kids Learn Best at Home 2015 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
Education by Design: Understanding God’s Blueprint for Your Child 2015 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair
Developing Motivation and Interest in Kids of All Ages 2015 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair

Debra Bell, Ph.D., is the best-selling author of the award-winning Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling, Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens and the Ultimate Planners for moms, teens and students. Writers-in-Residence: A Writing-Focused Language Arts Program and Readers-in-Residence: A Literacy Program will be released in 2015. Debra and her husband, Kermit, home educated their four children K through 12. All four are now married, degreed, employed, and they also love Jesus! She has been a keynote or featured speaker at numerous international and national venues for more than twenty years. Debra and her sons were featured on NBC Nightly News for a story on homeschoolers and their participation in scholastic sports. After homeschooling, she completed a Ph.D. in educational psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Her research interests include identifying how, why and when homeschooling works; and she looks forward to using her training to better serve the homeschool community well into the future. A pioneer in online education, today she is executive director and lead teacher for Aim Academy, which provides online college prep and AP® courses for seventh through twelfth graders. More information about her online classes, books, forthcoming curriculum and speaking schedule can be found at

Debra Bell was a 2015 NCHE conference featured speaker.