Nathan Arnold

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Music for Life—Sharpening Your Child's Gifts for the Future 2017 Thrive! The NCHE Homeschool Conference

Nathan Arnold, pianist, sacred arranger and lecturer, holds a B.A. in church music and an MA in sacred composition. He was awarded first place in the state piano solo competition of the South Carolina Music Teachers Association as well as first place in the Sacred Piano, Classical Piano, and Piano Ensemble competitions of the High School Festival, a national contest. An equally accomplished poet and writer of song texts, he has authored over seventy published musical works and song texts with various publishers including Beckenhorst Press. Nathan is an experienced speaker participating in a wide venue of conferences and workshops, performs numerous sacred concerts, and continues to teach extensively on the high-school and university levels. He currently resides in Greenville, SC, where he serves as director of Distinctive Music Studios, an online music instruction service for homeschoolers.