Dr. Chená T. Flood

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Understanding DNPE 2013 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair

Dr. Chená T. Flood currently serves as the division director for the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education. She earned a bachelor of science degree in mathematics education from North Carolina Central University and received both her master of school administration and doctor of education from East Carolina University. She has sixteen years of experience as an educator. The first seven years of her career were spent serving children and adults in Halifax County. She was a high school mathematics teacher at Southeast Halifax High School, the curriculum specialist at Weldon Middle School and the Literacy and HRD Coordinator at Halifax Community College. She has also served as the director of University-School Partnerships at North Carolina Central University. Her research interests include quality education for all children, teacher development, health and wellness education and female leadership development. She wrote and published a book, Don’t Be a Fat Girl Anymore!, where she discusses her eighty-five pound weight loss journey and motivates others to accomplish their goals. Dr. Flood has a passion for cooking and creating new and different healthy recipes. She currently resides in Durham, North Carolina.