Joann Nabb

Joann Nabb has been married for thirty-six years to Paul, and they have six adult children, who have all been homeschooled their entire lives. They began their journey in 1985 and have enjoyed the trip thoroughly. Back in the Stone Age, there were few resources and many critics. They learned to be very creative. Drawing from her experience as a private school teacher and years growing up in Holland and Switzerland, Joann was able to piece together her children's education, making it hands-on and fun whenever possible. Taking advantage of the less stringent homeschooling schedule, they were able to take homeschool French classes to Europe for several three-six month stays on a true shoestring. Many of her students have won national gold or silver medals for French. Today, Joann and Paul have a son who is a marine JAG, a son who is an army reservist and police officer, a daughter who is a teacher, a son who is a nurse, a daughter who studied exercise science, and a son attending UNCC. 


Presentations, Lectures, Workshops

Title Event
Gap Year, Yes or No? 2013 HINTS Book Fair
Foreign Language in the Home 2013 HINTS Book Fair