Homeschool Statistics

In 2011, NCHE commissioned the following research:

A Summary of Homeschooling Across North Carolina: Academic Achievement and Demographic Characteristics
Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.
March 11, 2011

The modern homeschool movement in America continues to grow, currently at a rate of 8% a year (Ray, 2004; Rudger, 1999; Spiegler, 2003). In America, as of 2009, roughly 2.9% of school-aged children (5-17) were homeschooled (NCES, 2009).  Indeed, the success of America's nearly 2 million homeschoolers have inspired others in numerous developed societies; current estimates include 15 developed countries and an additional 2 million students (Ray, 2011). 

Not only is homeschooling growing internationally and in the United States, but also in North Carolina.

NC: 50,000+ Homeschools, 100,000+ Students

In 2013, North Carolina officially surpassed 50,000 legally operating homeschools. Official DNPE records do not include the number of enrolled students in each school. The official estimated enrollment number uses the state-wide average number of children per household rate of 1.6. However, NCHE believes this state-wide average number does not reflect the typical homeschooling family, which typically exceeds the average.  In addition, official records do not include students under the age of 7.  NCHE believes many homeschooling families begin home educating earlier than age 7.  Therefore, NCHE believes there are at least 100,000 homeschooled children in the state of North Carolina.