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How do I know I am giving my children what they really need?

What does parenting look like as your child enters into the young adult years?

One of the biggest questions people ask is, "How do I get my kids to finish their school work?" T

This season of change, both physically and emotionally, can take a big toll on our tweens moving

Are you preparing your children to leave you or to stay with you?

How well can you defend your faith?

As an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist control freak herself, Rachael Carman discusses how we c

This workshop will focus on how moms feel they have to do everything.

This workshop is based on Galatians 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ.

Practical information towards improving a child’s attention, learning and behavior choices will be discussed through the lens of brain function.

Rather than raising children to follow formulas, let us teach them using the principles of discip

Discover the four areas of life that all successful leaders carefully cultivate.

Essay-Writing is a building process that begins with planning, tools, and organization and ends with a final product – a well-written essay.

“Who are you to push your views on me?” If you’re a Christian, you’ve heard that said many times.

Homeschooling is an amazing adventure—the journey of a lifetime.

This workshop will focus on practical and biblical ways moms can grow spiritually while dealing w

You are a homeschooler, sure, but what KIND of homeschooler are you?

Our children engage the world through technology like no other generation has ever before.

What is the perfect homeschool education?

This workshop will identify the lessons learned from successes and failures of leadership.

This generation of children has greater potential and opportunity than perhaps any generation in

This session introduces the principles of subsidiarity and sphere sovereignty from the Christian

This session introduces the principles of subsidiarity and sphere sovereignty from the Christian

Modern Christians are often skeptical of focusing on emotions and the impact they have on our liv

As homeschooling parents, we feel a great burden of responsibility for our children’s futures.

What will my children really remember after homeschool?

A mom in her final year of homeschooling shares her A-Z guide for the most important lessons she’

Discover insights from Diana's research behind the events of history.

We discuss several basic themes in fairy tales and traditional children’s literature and their importance to the moral imagination.

Does your family have cabin fever but your budget is slim?