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Life and death is in the power of tongue.

Does government matter to Christians? Why is one form of government superior to others?

This workshop will focus on the practical, biblical and tangible ways dads, especially those who

In a postmodern world, young adults struggle with narcissism, relativism and apathy.

Who decided the subjects you need to study in school?

The purpose of this workshop is to offer a comprehensive biblical worldview seminar to families e

Having homeschooled three children who are now all in their twenties, Diana has an almost limitle

Establishing a clear, biblical worldview and a strong foundation in basic Christian doctrine can help protect your children from false teachings.

The modern homeschool movement is now 30 years old, but how did we get here?  Educational histori

Jim Weiss explores the current fascination with the dark side in the Narnia, Harry Potter, Twilig

Our culture is deeply confused about the nature of truth.

This workshop details the tuition free opportunities available for high school and college credit at Central Piedmont Community College.

This workshop is designed to provide an overview of NC statutory requirements for homeschools to

In this session, we will explore the most recent scientific data in cosmology, physics, biochemis

Spencer explains the legalities of homeschooling in NC and working with the Division of Non-Public Education, what is required and what is voluntary.

You’ve tried all the techniques, bought all the math manipulatives and covered all your curriculu

Jim Weiss explores a prominent driving issue for all conscientious parents—how to teach character

A show and tell workshop in which attendees can see what significant books look like so they can be recognized.

In less time than most of our children have been alive, our culture has seen a radical shift in v

Carter discusses the rites of the Passage Program that he has used (and is presently using) with

With a bit of homeschool humor and the depth of the truths of God's Word, Dara will encourage and

Mark and Cindy Fox have had the privilege to homeschool their seven children for more than twenty

A child may have perfect hearing and excellent speech but be diagnosed with an auditory processin

Pornography is more accessible, accepted and aggressive than ever before.

Whether you love the idea of homeschooling or think it’s the craziest thing since pet rocks, home

Up to 80% of young people raised in Christian homes reject the faith by the time they reach their

In this session, students will be challenged to consider how accurately the Bible has been preser

In this workshop, Andrew Kern will discuss the considerable importance of cultivating discernment