NC Senate Page Program

21 Nov 2014

NCHE received the following information in an email from Senator Chad Barefoot.

“Every legislative session, the North Carolina General Assembly opens its doors to high school students from across the state to participate in the House and Senate Page Programs. It is a great learning opportunity. Students will witness firsthand how an idea becomes a law through the legislative process. They also get a chance to form lifelong friendships with pages from other parts of the state. Each page is appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate upon the recommendation of a Senator and serves for one week when the General Assembly is in session.Pages have the opportunity to perform many duties that a typical staff member would perform for a legislator such as assisting with committee meetings, serving in the Senate Chamber during daily sessions and participating in activities arranged for the enhancement of their overall educational experience.

I highly recommend the program because I served as a page for the NC House of Representatives in 2001. It was a fantastic and unique experience that I will never forget.”

How to Apply

There are only a limited number of slots available each legislative session, so apply now! Email your senator and ask for an application. Your senator will then mail you an application. To learn who your senator is click this link and follow the instructions.

For more information about the NC page programs click here.