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2013 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair

The 29th Annual Conference and Book Fair, May 24-26, 2013

What Is an Auditory Processing Disorder?

A child may have perfect hearing and excellent speech but be diagnosed with an auditory processing problem. What does that mean? What are the symptoms? How is it evaluated and managed?

Going beyond the Books

You are homeschooling and teaching your children at home for many reasons, but what is the primary goal? You want your children to be well-educated, but is there more to a good education than just the books? What if they graduate without a biblical foundation and walk away from their faith? This session describes how we can raise Christ-centered young adults through a lifestyle that goes beyond the books.

RX for Your Homeschool

Is your homeschool limping along, scattered or chaotic? Is the temperature in the classroom feverish and the pulse for learning weakening by the day? Is your school new and struggling to survive? Is there any hope for your homeschool ? Take heart, the doctor is in and ready to help yours become a healthier, happier homeschool.

Living the 80% off Lifestyle and Loving It

With five children, Jen has mastered the fine art of 80% off living. As homeschoolers, we’re continually attempting to create new ways to shave our budget, and when Jen survived a long period of unemployment, she mastered that fine art. She’ll walk you through meal planning and grocery budgeting and most aspects of home management. She’ll encourage you with practical ways to slash spending.