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2013 NCHE Annual Conference and Book Fair

The 29th Annual Conference and Book Fair, May 24-26, 2013

Everything I Know about Homeschooling

A mom in her final year of homeschooling shares her A-Z guide for the most important lessons she’s learned in fifteen years of teaching her children. She’ll help you discover how to work with the family and situation that you have, how to learn from mistakes and forgive yourself and how to focus on what’s crucial and let go of what isn’t. Most of all, she’ll teach you how to relax and enjoy this wild and crazy adventure called homeschooling!

Setting a Paradigm for Purity

A biblical, age-appropriate approach to sex education. In this session parents of preschool, elementary and middle school children will learn what to talk about with their kids at every stage of development. This session includes information on how to set the paradigm for purity beginning in preschool. We will also discuss media discernment, how to give “the talk,” and how parents can begin now to open up the lines of communication with their children to pave the way for honesty and openness during adolescence.

Tactics: Handling Objections with Grace and Truth

Ever been on the hot seat? Here’s the good news: Christians don’t have to answer every objection thrown at them. Three questions, graciously asked, can reverse the burden of proof and put you back in the driver’s seat—where you belong.

Balance Is the Key—Time Management for Mothers (Cheryl)

This workshop will focus on how moms feel they have to do everything. See how they can biblically determine their daily schedule. This workshop will focus on basic time management skills with an emphasis on moms applying it to their daily lives and homeschool schedule.