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Beginners and inquirers

Lifeschooling: The Answer to Homeschool Burnout

Have you heard of lifeschooling and do you know why it is so revolutionary in our current homeschooling environment? Do you long for more time and less stress in your homeschool? As homeschooling has become much more popular, we see more and more families (not just moms!) suffering from homeschool burnout. As a movement, we have slowly lost the wisdom of the pioneers. Danielle will explain the philosophy of lifeschooling, which is really just a fresh label for a returning to the ancient paths. Jeremiah 6:16

Creating a Love of Learning in the Early Years

Homeschooling is widely accepted with many resources available. Choosing curriculum can be overwhelming to those who are just embarking on this journey. My goal is to encourage parents to make learning fun and educative all at the same time. I hope this will help new homeschoolers who may not feel creative. Much of what can be taught in the early years does not require a formal curriculum. Creative ideas will be shared; there will be suggestions on parenting books, read-aloud books, games, age-appropriate field trips and more.

My Journey into Unschooling

Parents often feel the pressure to have their young children writing, reading, or performing other tasks by a certain age, while research has shown children benefit from being allowed to play, move around, and learn at their own pace. In this workshop Sarah will discuss why she decided to unschool her young children and what unschooling looks like in her home. Ideas of activities to stimulate young children's minds while still allowing them to be children and have fun will be given.

“It’s Onomatopoeia, Mom!”—Using Children’s Stories to Teach Literary Devices

Juxtaposition, metaphor, symbolism, irony, foreshadowing—Help! Parents often avoid the subject of literature because of the intimidating vocabulary of literary analysis. The truth is, you don’t need a college degree in literature to understand this vocabulary; what you need is a well written children’s story. Adam takes the audience on a guided tour of literary devices, making discerning literary analysts out of each and every audience member. Doing the same with your own children couldn’t be easier, but beware: soon, they will be finding onomatopoeia everywhere they look.