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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Homeschooling on a Shoe String Budget

Homeschooling need not be expensive in order to be successful. Pat, who published a newsletter entitled BIG Ideas, Small Budget for more than ten years, will share ways that homeschooling families can not only save money, but earn money all while turning daily events into educational experiences! This workshop highlights material from Pat’s book entitled, Plant a Seed, Raise an Entrepreneur.

Don't Miss the Gift in This Child

Have you ever heard someone say “All children are gifts from God” only to roll your eyes and think “Ha! They don't know what goes on in my house!” If you don't look for God's gifts, you may be missing some of His best. Come laugh and be encouraged to see just what God had in mind when he designed your child. Learn how to see your child through God's spectacles and how to stay focused on God's vision of your child—not the world's.

How to Become a Christian Classical Homeschooler in a Secular Progressive Age

The difference between conventional approaches to education and the Christian classical approach may be a lot bigger than we've realized. If we swim in secular progressive water, how can we learn to teach and think in a Christian classical way? Why does it matter so much?

Laying Down the Rails: The Power of Good Habits in Your Homeschool

Discover the secret to smooth and easy days: habit training. Learn how to instill good habits, which habits Charlotte Mason encouraged parents to cultivate in their children, and practical tips for cultivating the Top Three.

Messy Marriage Stuff: Ten Things Your Spouse Desperately Wants You to Know

So marriage is tougher than you expected. You thought everything was white picket fences—and then you had kids. Now the real you is coming out. Before you had kids, you were patient, fun, had energy and listened. But now you yell, withdraw, snipe at each other and you’re slowly drifting apart. One spouse coddles the child; the other is too tough. And this isn’t what you expected. So what are some very practical and easy ways to grow together—instead of growing apart? Come learn ten things your spouse desperately wants you to know.

Equip to Engage: A Practical Strategy to Teach Your Kids Worldview and Apologetics

You're already convinced that your kids need to know what they believe and why they believe it. But how do you work this out practically in your home, youth group or classroom? This talk will give you a four-step strategy with lots of practical ideas and resources.

Raising Life-Long Learners

You will not be able to impart all the facts and teach all the skills your children will need for life before they leave your home! But you can give them the skill needed to be a life-long learner. Do they know how to find, understand, evaluate and synthesize the information? We will discuss How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren. This workshop will help you release your children into life with confidence that they can learn anything and everything necessary for success!

Taking the Mystery Out of Achievement Testing

Testing, the very word strikes fear in the heart of homeschoolers! This workshop will demystify the process and empower parents to make the best choice for their family’s assessment needs. Long-time homeschool parents and test administrators will help parents understand the test scores and how to use these as a guide for curriculum and educational choices as well as how to prepare your students for the testing experience. Note: This is not about the college tests (SAT, ACT) but the testing required by NC law.

Language Arts: It’s a Natural Progression

Teaching language arts doesn’t have to be complicated. Discover what exactly is included in language arts and how the Charlotte Mason Method simply follows the natural progression of learning to use language well. Gather lots of practical tips for teaching language arts in an enjoyable and simple way—the Charlotte Mason way.

Seventeen Years of Homeschooling and I Hardly Twitch at All Anymore

Homeschooling is a unique experience. There are as many ways to homeschool as there are homeschooling families. Yet there are many things we share, like the standard questions strangers ask our kid when they learn we homeschool. So what are some of the best, most practical ways to walk through this unique journey? Come listen and laugh as Carol shares some of what she's learned through the many ups and downs in her years as a homeschooling mom.