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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

The A to Z of a Characterhealthy Homeschool

If we homeschool simply to facilitate high academic marks, we are squandering the opportunity to influence our children for Christ. Character-healthy leaders are those who have learned to elevate virtues above feelings. If we spend our homeschooling hours simply on academics and activities, we may win the praise of man, but we risk losing the hearts of our children. In our few short years with our children, we must focus on the first things first and character is always the first thing!

Keep It Simple: How to Teach Your Whole Family Together

Save time and money by teaching most school subjects to all of your students together. Learn practical strategies to lower your stress level, provide a well-rounded education, and build sweet memories using Charlotte Mason methods!

The Real World: Are They Ready?

Will homeschooling really prepare your children for life academically, socially and spiritually? Will they be able to go to college and get a good job? Will they be able to stand against the world’s culture and be able to stand for Christ? Dara will talk about making life management skills a part of your home and how to incorporate them into high school credits. She will bring wisdom from Proverbs and show you how to teach your kids to apply it to their lives as she shares the journey of her own five boys and their successes and failures.

Small Latin and Less Greek: Classical Education for Everyman

Is classical education only for our elite students or is there something for all of our students?