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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Breakthrough Leadership—Four Steps to Cultivating Your Child’s Leadership Ability

Discover the four areas of life that all successful leaders carefully cultivate. Learn practical strategies to help identify and unleash your child’s leadership gifts so he can make a difference in the world for Christ.

Why Kids Walk Away from Their Faith (and What to Do about It)

Up to 80% of young people raised in Christian homes reject the faith by the time they reach their twenties. Dr. Myers reveals what the research says about why kids walk away from their faith and shows what you can do to help them hunger for truth and righteousness.

Rescuing Your Children from the Culture of Irresponsibility

We hear it all around us: "It's not my fault!" American culture promotes irresponsibility and is teaching it to children at every turn. Learn the top ten strategies for encouraging "response-ability" in your child.

The Three Hungers

In a postmodern world, young adults struggle with narcissism, relativism and apathy. They desperately need answers to three questions: “What difference do I make?” “What is true?” “What is the purpose of my life?”

Cultivating Kids, Raising Children to Live Fruitful Lives

This generation of children has greater potential and opportunity than perhaps any generation in American history, and yet they’re growing up in a culture of aimlessness and passive consumerism. As one of the world’s leading authorities on youth leadership development and a homeschool dad, Dr. Myers weaves together fascinating biblical insights, penetrating social commentary and hilarious personal stories to help you see your child’s potential in a whole new way.

Teaching Children to Live as the Image of God Rather than Society's Definition of Success

I continue to be amazed by the number of youth and young adults who are stressed and burnt out from the regular shaming and feelings of inadequacy if they happen to not be doing something unique and special. Today’s millennial generation is being fed the message that if they don’t do something extraordinary in this life, they are wasting their gifts and potential.

Does Society Belong to the Government or God?

This session introduces the principles of subsidiarity and sphere sovereignty from the Christian social ethics tradition. The proper role of government will be explored from the Christian tradition in light of the current progressive and socialistic ideologies that dominate current American public policy debates regarding marriage and the family, education, the economy, welfare and more.

Homeschooling Math without a Plan? You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

This workshop is designed to help parent-educators understand the scope, the sequence and the logic of mathematics instruction from pre-school through adult. Join Tom Clark as he takes you on a sometimes humorous journey, describing all levels of arithmetic and all mathematics courses encountered in high school and college. In addition, considerable attention will be given to identifying the “why” of the study of mathematics with an emphasis on the development of concepts, instead of rote memorization.

What’s the Big Deal about Pornography?

Pornography is more accessible, accepted and aggressive than ever before. It is ahuge problem for young people, including Christian teens. Studies show that viewing porn affects how we view ourselves, other people and God. It even physically changes the structure of the brain and hurts the ability of young people to develop loving, lasting relationships. This session will provide insight, hope and direction for young people to avoid the snare of pornography.

If God, Why Evil?

If God is all loving and all powerful, why is there so much evil in the world? Why doesn't God stop it? This is one of the toughest issues facing Christians. In this session we will tackle why God may allow evil and see that only the Christian worldview offers true hope in our broken world.

We did not get a recording of this talk, but this is a link to a YouTube video of the talk in another venue.