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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Egyptian Chronology and the Bible

Many will dismiss what the Bible has to say simply because they believe the Bible can't be trusted in the area of historical accuracy. Egyptian Chronology is the lynch pin for this. This seminar includes the latest in archaeology as it relates to Egyptian chronology and is a great help to those teaching early history.

Homeschool—Giving Your Children Wings without Losing Yours

Tami will talk about ways to raise your children to be prepared for life after homeschool. Learn strategies on home care, organization, team work, planning and your homeschool. She will encourage you to find a way to put a positive spin on teaching and training your children. She will help you examine your life goals for your children that go beyond their childhood and that will impact your family in future generations. Break out of negativity and perfectionism and find abundant living and learning together.

Discipline That Works: Get Your Kids to Listen the First Time

Instead of being drawn into power struggles, yelling and giving meaningless consequences, Kirk will show you ten ways to discipline with dignity so kids listen to, respect and trust you. Stop the whining, complaining, lying, stealing and tantrums. Get kids to listen when they are loud in the car or interrupt on the phone. Teach kids to control their own behavior (self-discipline) so you don’t have to “make them” behave.