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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Understanding the NC Homeschool Law & DNPE

Spencer will explain the legalities of homeschooling in NC and working with the Division of Non-Public Education, what is required and what is voluntary.

Schedules...Helping Your Children to Be Happy

One of the absolute greatest gifts we can give our children is a schedule. Studies show that keeping our children on a schedule produces stability, calm, trust, discipline, and most importantly, happiness. Mrs. Irvine will give practical ideas to implement into your family schedule which will give you the freedom to have fun and accomplish great things.

Better Brain, Better Behavior

Dr. Naumann will explain how brain function impacts behavior and learning. She will share about neuroanatomy and where specific functions are performed in the brain, as well as how to influence better function. You will learn useful strategies for controlling and improving your child’s behavior, particularly in children with ADHD, Autism, developmental delays and learning difficulties.

The Frugal Homeschooler

Since many homeschooling families are one-income families and as our economy suffers, come and learn about pinching pennies from a Dutchie (the people who discovered copper wire by pulling on a penny). Lots of frugal ideas will be shared about homemaking, homeschooling, shopping, as well as the best way to buy appliances, cars, etc.

Raising Godly Kids: From Law to Grace

Trying to raise a perfect child will lead to rebellion, low self-esteem and other problems, while raising a godly child will lead to grace, joy, and freedom. God's example: First came the law, then grace. We will walk through the aspects of the law that can be incorporated into our family, and then we will give ideas of moving the children to grace as they mature and grow!

Building Character – Using Your Children’s Creativity

God gave each of our children unique strengths, talents, and gifts. However, children often need training and time to flourish in these areas that lead to character growth. Hear from a veteran homeschool mom, who took this journey with her daughter and her ADHD, LEGO® fanatic son, about how the Lord blessed her small steps of faithfulness and her family.

How Henty Helps with History, Geography, Language, and Character

George Alfred Henty grew up in England during the reign of Queen Victoria, and was steeped in a Christian worldview. He was Cambridge educated, a military officer, a fantastic storyteller, and a Christian. Learn how to incorporate his 122 historically-accurate novels into your homeschool curriculum and learn history, geography, character, and proper English, just by reading or listening!

A Beautiful Feast: The Intentional Charlotte Mason Education

The Charlotte Mason philosophy of education invites us to lay a beautiful feast of learning before our children that will nourish their minds, bodies, and spirits. Join a panel of passionate moms as they share about setting intentional goals for a well-rounded, beautiful life, selecting and using living books, creating an atmosphere of education beyond the schoolroom, and instilling habits to last a lifetime.

Learning All the Time: Make Learning a Lifestyle During Childhood

When your children are exposed to schooling as a lifestyle, they will seek to grow in knowledge well into adulthood. Some serious ideas, as well as creative, funny, and enjoyable ideas will be shared. The goal of this workshop is to instill that love of learning to go well beyond your years as their teacher.

Homeschooling in a Social Media World

Do you realize that more than 70% of Americans are on Social Media? This is why (more than ever) parents need to be informed and stay connected on all the latest issues regarding the Internet and Social Media. Come learn the latest trends, and learn how to appropriately take the right measures with your family.