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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Is Homeshooling Math Straining Your Relationship with Your Children? Let’s Identify the Trouble Spots!

This provocative and entertaining session will explore the reasons behind the difficulty in teaching concepts that are traditional trouble spots in mathematics. Topics will be determined by the audience and may include operations with fractions and decimals, story problems, operations with signed numbers and numerous others. The secret to mastery in mathematics is the understanding of concepts. We will share strategies that will demonstrate how students at all levels can benefit from a critical-thinking approach to learning.

Homeschool to Succeed Not Just Compete

Many of us choose to homeschool because we have little to no confidence in traditional education. Global statistics indicate that our educational system is deficient. Home education gives us an opportunity to maximize our children's strengths and fortify their weaknesses. It allows us the opportunity to instill a culture and an attitude of excellence in our children. We have all the time, tools and ability to individualize instruction that will prepare our children to succeed in any field of endeavor to which God has called them.

The Joys (and Heartbreaks) of Adoption

Maybe you are like me; you know that you were called to adoption. Maybe you are praying about fostering or adopting as you read this title. Adoption is a joyous calling but can come with plenty of heartache. In this presentation, I share my very honest journey of adoption that includes plenty of both. You will walk away with some practical ways to help your family on this adoption journey.

Ten Ways to Stop Defiance, Disrespect and Meltdown

Nothing is more frustrating and embarrassing than a child being defiant or melting down in public. Have a little one who looks right through you and says, “No!”? Have a teenager who defies you or rolls his eyes? Have a child who refuses to go places? Kirk will show you how to stop a meltdown in public without losing it yourself! You will learn how to turn emotional power struggles into opportunities to build trust and teach self-discipline. You will be blown away by how practical these strategies are.