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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Wisdom, Not Just Facts—Illustrating the Value of a Story-Driven Education

Teaching wisdom should be one aim of the educational process. Facts without context and narrative are drained of meaning. Michael outlines the benefits of the story-driven approach to teaching. Showing the value of this approach for students of all ages, he explains the connection between the stories we tell and our worldview, breathing life into history and making it relevant for walking wisely. By entering into the Great Conversation, we grapple with the great questions and learn the lessons of the past in order to apply them as we seek to live the lives God has called us to live.

The Big Deal about Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs! Kids (and adults) love them. Consequently, they’ve become prime secularist bait to reel people, especially children, into an evolutionary worldview. Unfortunately, most Christians are at a loss as to how to respond and are in desperate need of answers. When we stand anchored on God’s Word, we have them!

The A to Z of a Characterhealthy Homeschool

If we homeschool simply to facilitate high academic marks, we are squandering the opportunity to influence our children for Christ. Character-healthy leaders are those who have learned to elevate virtues above feelings. If we spend our homeschooling hours simply on academics and activities, we may win the praise of man, but we risk losing the hearts of our children. In our few short years with our children, we must focus on the first things first and character is always the first thing!