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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Three Homeschool Movement Founders and their Legacies

The modern homeschool movement is now 30 years old, but how did we get here?  Educational historians identify several key individuals who were instrumental in advancing the movement. These individuals came from very different backgrounds and had very different views.   Many homeschoolers, however, do not recognize their names nor their legacies. This talk will introduce and discuss the contribution of three individuals who wrote books and created organizations dedicated to promoting their own vision of education: John Holt, Raymond and Dorothy Moore and Rousa Rushdoony.   

Better Brain Better Behavior

Practical information towards improving a child’s attention, learning and behavior choices will be discussed through the lens of brain function.

Pre-emptive Apologetics: Using Faith and Reason to Prepare Students for College

 Christians should be asking ourselves how we are to adequately prepare our students for the spiritual and intellectual struggles that they will face in college.

The Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing

 Learn and avoid four teaching mistakes that contribute to this frustration: Overcorrecting, Holding Back Help, Unclear Assignments, and Over-Expectation.

Spelling and the Brain

Find out in this workshop how spelling information is most efficiently stored in the brain, and why.

The Place of Outside Classes and Activities in your Homeschool

This workshop will identify which outside activities are wonderful enrichments to the homeschool and which are detrimental to our goals as homeschoolers.

How Henty Helps with History, Geography, Language and Character

Learn how to incorporate the 122 historically accurate novels by George Henty into your History, Geography, Character, and Language curriculum, just by reading or listening!

Homeschooling a Houseful

Melanie Young, mother of eight, brings encouragement and ideas to keep the plates going without your life spinning out of control!

Understanding the NC Homeschool Law & DNPE

Spencer explains the legalities of homeschooling in NC and working with the Division of Non-Public Education, what is required and what is voluntary.

The Four Language Arts

According to the classical model, there are four core language arts: listening, speaking, reading, and writing