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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

How to Raise Kids to Be Best Friends

Mark and Cindy Fox have raised six of their seven children to adulthood, with their youngest closing in fast. All seven are best friends today and enjoy close fellowship, but it wasn't always that way. Mark will share, with some of his adult children, how God worked in their family to develop good relationships that will last a lifetime.

Looking into the Heart, Going beyond the Behavior

Parenting children isn’t easy. That fact escapes no parent. In this session, we’ll see how to develop biblical strategies to help overcome disobedience in our children by guiding the heart and going beyond outward behaviors. This session will discuss the importance of being a unified team in parenting as a married couple. You will be encouraged to know that there is indeed help and refreshment for the weary parent!

Using Unit Studies to Ignite the Love of Learning in Your Children

Unit studies are great way to bring fun into your homeschool while helping your child retain information. Children learn best and better recall information that they experience in a hands-on way. Bring history to life through living books and discovery learning. Experience science first-hand and learn through successes and failures on how things work. Enjoy the fine arts as a family while learning about historical time periods. Teach children of multiple ages at the same time.