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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Minimize, Simplify and Prioritize

This workshop encourages parents to evaluate exactly what is important. Susan will address things that seem to weigh us down physically—disorder of house, school and schedules, as well as mentally and spiritually—attitudes of discouragement, defeat, wrong focus, comparing ourselves with the Jones’s, or setting goals too high. She will stress the importance of family time, devotion time, and creating a schedule that works—with both a tad of flexibility and discipline. She will discuss choosing things that are most useful and necessary for your children with the time and eternity in mind.

Foreign Language as a Springboard to the World

Foreign language is not just for high schoolers to take for two years and forget. It is a door that can open up the world. Government schools advocate two years with very little gain to show afterwards. Imagine studying music or math for two years and expecting proficiency. With the Internet and the accessibility of our world, those who know a second or third language can practically write their own ticket to success. Our two oldest sons get 10% higher pay for knowing languages. Come hear how you can teach a language without losing your mind, using the many resources available.

What Is a Teacher? Finding Rest in the Role

Cindy will discuss rethinking the grammar stagereplacing memory with remembrance.