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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

The Place of Outside Classes and Activities in your Homeschool

This workshop will identify which outside activities are wonderful enrichments to the homeschool and which are detrimental to our goals as homeschoolers.

How Henty Helps with History, Geography, Language and Character

Learn how to incorporate the 122 historically accurate novels by George Henty into your History, Geography, Character, and Language curriculum, just by reading or listening!

Homeschooling a Houseful

Melanie Young, mother of eight, brings encouragement and ideas to keep the plates going without your life spinning out of control!

Understanding the NC Homeschool Law & DNPE

Spencer explains the legalities of homeschooling in NC and working with the Division of Non-Public Education, what is required and what is voluntary.

The Four Language Arts

According to the classical model, there are four core language arts: listening, speaking, reading, and writing

Homeschooling and Marital Bliss: You can have both!

Learn about challenges homeschooling marriages may face and how to work them through.

Fairy Tales and the Moral Imagination

We discuss several basic themes in fairy tales and traditional children’s literature and their importance to the moral imagination.

Foreign Language in the Home

Learning a foreign language opens the world for you, and the younger you start your child, the better.

What Books to Look for and Why it Matters

A show and tell workshop in which attendees can see what significant books look like so they can be recognized.

Foundations of Freedom

Based on the eighteen-week class of the same name that Steve teaches to high school homeschoolers (with many parents sitting in!), this workshop is an overview of America’s Christian roots starting in the Reformation, Christianity’s influence on early American life and education, the formation of our form of government with special emphasis on the Constitution’s genesis and workings and our rights and obligations as Christians living in America.