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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Why You Need to Teach Geology Again and Again and Again and How to Do It

The common approach to teaching geology is to hit it once, probably in eighth grade. But geology is the beginning point of understanding biology, astronomy, paleontology, anthropology, archaeology and so much more. If we hope to win the battle for our children’s minds in the area of worldview, it is vitally important that we teach geology and related subjects with the emphasis that it deserves.

Multi-Sensory Teaching: A Game Changer!

For decades, learning specialists have understood the power of multi-sensory teaching. Often associated with learning disabilities, this dynamic teaching strategy has found a home in many non-disability settings as well. This workshop is designed to explain the research-based thinking behind multi-sensory teaching methods. Practical suggestions will be given for adding this powerful strategy to your own classroom, giving you fresh ideas on how to approach teaching and how to teach well!

All recorded workshops & keynote talks from Thrive! The NCHE Homeschool Conference 2015

This product is a DVD-ROM disc that will be mailed to you. It contains all the recorded keynote and workshop talks and handouts from Thrive! The NCHE Homeschool Conference 2015. One talk was not recorded, Cultivating a Love for Learning in Our Homes by Dr. Debra Bell.

Developing Motivation and Interest in Kids of All Ages

This seminar covers the importance of intrinsic motivation and interest in learning. Research shows motivation to be an inherent characteristic of young children. However, studies indicate that most students in a traditional setting show a steady loss in academic motivation during the time they are in school. Homeschooling is an antidote to this decline. Learn practical ways to help your children and teens develop and retain motivation and enjoyment in academic pursuits.

The Cold Case Problem of Evil

How can we reconcile the existence of an all-powerful, all-loving God with the tremendous evil that we see in our world? In this presentation, Jim examines five forms of evil (moral evil, natural evil, bodily evil, theistic evil and Christian evil). This session will examine the Christian response to these forms of evil and their relationship to an all-powerful, all-loving God. Participants will better understand the role of evil and how to respond to those who cite evil as an objection to God’s existence.

What Our Mom Did Right; What Our Mom Did Wrong

What will your kids think about homeschooling when they’re adults? Now that Debra Bell’s four kids have grown up, graduated and started families of their own, her oldest daughter reflects on her experiences and those of her siblings. In this tell-all session, Kathryn shares six things she’s grateful for and four that she would go back and change.

Ballistic Homeschooling: The Art of Teaching Boys

Is your son bouncing off the walls—or is he driving you there, dear teacher? Find out why Thomas Jefferson wrote at a standing desk, how a white board can turn on a light bulb and why in the world your son does the things he does in school. Make home education more fun for everyone and equip your boy with the knowledge he needs for manhood. Here is real-life advice from parents who have homeschooled six boys at the same time.

Noah's Ark: Where Scripture Meets Geology

Do creationists believe in plate tectonics? What do they think about Pangaea? Get up-to-date on the current views and research about Noah's Flood and how it relates to the geological features around us and the topics covered in our science books. Dr. Ross will present key biblical parameters and provide a crash-course on catastrophic plate tectonics.

Raising Exceptional Children: Geniuses to Those with Learning Disabilities

Let Dara encourage you that God has a purpose for your child just the way he/she is and that God did not make a mistake! She will cover how to accept each of your children and their individual challenges, and ways to help them reach their potential. Dara and Tracy raised two boys with genius IQs and homeschooled them successfully! One of these children also had ADHD, dyslexia and Asperger’s syndrome. The other three boys were of average intelligence and successfully graduated in spite of dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADD and ADHD.

Legal Issues Affecting North Carolina Homeschoolers

This workshop addresses the most frequent legal problems that HSLDA assists our North Carolina member families with each year and how to avoid them. It also addresses the effect of the changes to the law that were enacted in 2013 by the North Carolina General Assembly.