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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

The Power of Servanthood

Discover how to become a servant of great value. Find out how to teach your children to relate to their brothers and sisters in a spirit of love. Find out how to resolve conflicts and sibling rivalries.

The Place of Outside Classes and Activities in Your Homeschool

From the beginning of the homeschool journey, parents have to make decisions about what types of activities will be done outside of the home. When the modern homeschool movement began, there were few options, but today, the choices are overwhelming. How does a homeschooling parent decide what is good and what is not? Which outside activities are wonderful enrichments to the homeschool and which are detrimental to our goals as homeschoolers? Debbie will cover the entire gamut on these questions from pre-school to high school.

When More Is Less: A Call to Simplicity in Your Schedule, Your Home and Your Children’s Education

It’s easy to get caught up in the mentality that we’ve got to add more: we must do more, we must get more and our children must study more. More, more, more! But the funny thing is that when we keep adding more, we usually end up with less of what really matters. Come discover the richness that simplicity can bring to your schedule, your home and your children’s education.