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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Practical Help for Christian Parents

n this workshop, Elyse and Jessica will give you practical helps to share the gospel with your children in every day circumstances. Sharing the gospel is more than devotional; it is the very core of all that we should be doing with our children.

Cold Case Resurrection

Why should we believe that Jesus truly rose from the dead? Aren’t there other more reasonable explanations? In this presentation, Jim examines abductive reasoning and provides a template for examining the Resurrection of Jesus. This session will examine the competing explanations for the resurrection and provide guidelines for inferring to the most reasonable conclusion. Participants will develop a proper understanding of the difference between possible and reasonable as they embrace important critical thinking skills.

Becoming Your Child's Favorite Teacher

Conflict creates heartache for both student and teacher. Is every day a battle? Has your school become a struggle of wills? While there are no magic formulas, veteran Steve Lambert offers some ideas to help you and your student forge a positive relationship so that learning can flourish and you can enjoy one another's company. Steve and his wife began homeschooling thirty-five years ago, and he brings the freedom that comes with age and perspective. You'll find hope for the journey and ideas for your daily routine.

Why Don't They Believe Like I Do?

Can our children grow up in a homeschool environment and still reject what we've taught them? The answer is: yes. How does this happen? Why do some children reject biblical teaching and develop an unbiblical worldview and what can we do about it? We'll identify those factors in this session and look at ways to equip our children to be able to combat and overcome the attacks on a Christian worldview.

"We're in the Army Now!" Homeschooling and the Military Life

Military moves, deployments, missing friends—can we homeschool in the military environment? You certainly can! See how home education is very advantageous to the military life, and explore the many ways you can discover the benefits of travel, a relaxed schedule, forging new friendships and realizing the richness in new locations you will visit. We will cover the benefits of home education while enjoying the advantages of the military lifestyle.

Good Parenting in, Good Kids Out

Are parents ultimately responsible for the salvation of their children, or is that a burden no parent should carry? If we believe that God saves our children, then how does that affect the focus of our parenting? If our focus is not fear for their souls, what should it be?

The Importance of Storytelling

Dan Pink, in his book A Whole New Mind points out that our brains are literally wired for story. Is it any wonder that over 60% of the Bible is in story form? In this session, learn the basic parts of a story and why stories have such an incredible emotional impact.

Education by Design: Understanding God’s Blueprint for Your Child

The human brain is the most complex creation in the universe, and it is hard-wired by God for learning. In the same way that aerobic exercise keeps our hearts healthy, intellectual activity keeps our brains healthy. This session provides an overview of how our brain processes and organizes information and the individual differences we should recognize and accommodate in each of our children. We will look at ways to build conceptual understanding and talk about the three essential ingredients necessary for optimal learning.

How to Raise Kids to Be Best Friends

Mark and Cindy Fox have raised six of their seven children to adulthood, with their youngest closing in fast at nearly sixteen years old. All seven are best friends today and enjoy close fellowship, but it wasn't always that way. Mark and some of his adult children will share how God worked in their family to develop good relationships that will last a lifetime. You will hear stories of how they dealt with the inevitable sibling rivalries and conflicts and how they learned to love and serve each other in a busy homeschool.

Avoiding Burnout

Burnout is a common problem for homeschooling moms. If we want to thrive and persevere in homeschooling, we need to avoid this syndrome. Debbie will explain what it is, what causes it, its symptoms and how to prevent or remedy it.