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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

“You’re Not the Boss of Me!” Motivate Strong-Willed Children

Very few things are as frustrating as an unmotivated child. You have tried lecturing, consequences, threats and bribes. Exactly how do you motive a child who doesn't respond to consequences? What about a teenager who seems lazy and undisciplined, who doesn't show any interest in school work? What about a teen or foster child who is angry and even belligerent? You may have a seven or seventeen-year-old who won't do school work. And don't forget the child who quits activities. We will show you ten secrets to motivate unmotivated kids.

Keeping Your "SmartCookie" Challenged

Is your second grader building a fusion reactor in your backyard or calculating rates of speed and velocity? Forrest and Beth’s daughter, SmartCookie #1 received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in three short years at twenty-one years of age. Their son, SmartCookie #2 and twin to #1, received a 104% in calculus 2 in his senior year of high school and reads C++ programming textbooks for enjoyment. Beth candidly shares about her journey home educating her two academically advanced children and how she kept the wheels of opportunity turning.

Art: Unveiling the Mystery of Creativity

See what the subject of art is really about. You’ll be surprised to learn that the power of seeing and creating is something that even the most non-artistic parents can present to their children with ease. Learn practical ways that awareness and creativity can be nurtured in every child! You won’t want to miss this inspiring presentation on the power of art.