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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Homeschooling’s Highest Goal—Lessons from the Story of Job

Education is not an object we can possess; it’s a state of the heart, mind and soul. All great leaders share certain attributes in these areas, and Job was one of the greatest! Adam’s unique perspective on Job’s career inspires parents to prepare their own students for leadership. The lecture sends them away with renewed vision for the liberal arts and practical suggestions for applying this vision in the classroom.

Whatever the Cost

Hear the captivating story of twin brothers, David and Jason Benham, as they lost their HGTV reality television show for standing up for biblical principles. Their story will inspire and encourage you to stand up for what is right.

Eleven Passions from a Homeschool Veteran

After twenty-five years of homeschooling, what does this homeschool veteran see as the most important advice to pass along to those still in the trenches of parenting and homeschooling? Debbie will share her eleven convictions and concerns about homeschooling. She will cover topics for all ages, from birth to young adulthood.