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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

How to Raise a True Believer Instead of a Pharisee

We all long for obedient children, but is mere obedience the goal of truly Christian parenting, or is there something more? In this workshop, you will learn about the different types of obedience and the one true obedience that matters.

The Cold Case for God’s Existence

s there enough evidence to conclude that we are living in a universe created by a personal God as described in the Bible? Jim examines lines of evidence from the Cosmological Argument, the Teleological Argument and the Axiological Argument. This session will demonstrate the circumstantial case for the existence of God. Participants will learn how to make three cases for God’s existence and respond to common objections.

Teaching Your Kids to Dream

Dream big. Dream bold. Dream the impossible." These are the words my father constantly reaffirmed as I grew up. In an age of fierce competition and a rapidly changing world, it's never been more important to instill in our kids an early belief that they can pursue and achieve their dreams. In this session, Jon will go over how his parents didn't give him his dreams but supported the ones he had, why homeschoolers have a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace and how we have unprecedented opportunities as Christians in the workplace.

Raising World Changers

Do you want your children to achieve something greater than simple academic proficiency? Are you shaping lives that can impact our culture? Do you pray for your children to accomplish greater things than you've accomplished? Do you have gifted children who have unimaginable potential? Veteran homeschooler Steve Lambert brings thirty-five years of experience to bear on the subject of how to help your children to change their world. Learn how to pass the baton to the next generation with hope and expectancy in a world that grows darker by the day.

Order in the Heart, Order in the Home

In order to homeschool effectively, there must be order in the home. With a household of eleven, Jessica has had the opportunity to learn by necessity how to keep (relatively) clean clothes on the children, get three healthy meals each day, have school time and still stay sane (again, relatively speaking). From the age of two, her children are assigned a weekly chore. Whether training one child or a houseful, you will find helpful ideas in this workshop on how to organize your home, life and homeschool.

What Makes “Christian” Parenting Christian?

We long to parent from hearts of love for our Christian faith, but are we missing the heart of our Christian faith in our parenting? In this workshop, you will learn how to bring that faith into your parenting.

Same-Sex Marriage: What Now?

More people now live in states with same-sex marriage than those that live in states without it, and with this social revolution comes a lot of questions for people who adhere to the biblical definition of sexuality and marriage. In this session, John offers a framework to understand the issue, as well as answers to many of the practical questions we all now face.

Homeschooler Identities: Looking at Research

You are a homeschooler, sure, but to what degree is homeschooling part of your identity? Research indicates that the significance placed on the role of parent-educator by homeschoolers varies greatly. This workshop looks at sociological research focused on the homeschooler's identity as a way to discuss and evaluate the diversity that exists within the homeschool movement. This information is useful for developing one's own practices and understanding the practices of others.

What Is Christian Classical Education (and How Do I Do It)?

Is it just another passing educational fad, or does it express something essential? Is it only for a select few, or is it for everybody? Arguing that Christian classical education is for everybody who wants an education, this presentation strives to define what the words mean and to provide initial (often surprising) guidance on how to bring it home.

Eight Reasons Kids Learn Best at Home

If we started with what the research tells us about how kids learn best and built a school from the ground up, we’d build a home! Learn the critical factors that help explain why homeschooled kids succeed—and what you can do to keep the windows of wonder open in your home.