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General interest to all parents

General interest to all parents

Homeschooling with Confidence! A Basic Educational Strategy

How do I know I am giving my children what they really need? For what purpose am I preparing them? How can I most effectively teach them? Are there faulty objectives and strategies I have unintentionally carried over from public education? Even those who have been teaching their children at home for years may struggle with these questions. Our answers influence our priorities and strategies. We will discuss a basic biblical philosophy of education upon which our daily teaching activities can be built.

How to Teach Classically

Beyond the ideas and curriculum, how do you actually teach classically? What do you do when you are with your child and the material needs to be transferred from the book to the student and how does this really cultivate wisdom and virtue? Find out in this session.

Kids Are Writers Too

Writing is fun to teach. Don't believe me? I have a plan that will make your writing class fun, fun, fun. Is your child eight years old, twelve years old or fifteen years-old? They can love writing. I will show you how to teach writing in a fun and meaningful way. You will love your writing class from this day forward. (This talk is taken from my book of the same name.)