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Saying “Yes” to God until You Can Say “Yes” to Your Man

Every young woman longs for the day when she can say “yes” to the man she loves, though waiting for the right one and the right time can be hard. What can a woman (of any age!) do to experience hope and joyful patience while waiting for that day? Not only currently the mom of five teenage and adult daughters, Tracy was also a widow for three years, waiting on God again for a godly husband. (Note: There will be encouragement for wives as well, on saying “yes” to God even after we’re married.)

Sanity’s in the Freezer (Melanie)

Learn how to have real meals again! Don’t worry if you have tried once-a-month cooking and didn’t like the mess. Melanie didn’t like that either! Find out how to feed your family well on less money and how to serve great dinners with minimal time in the kitchen and no stress. This workshop, popular from Ontario to California, will give beginners in the kitchen a place to start and veterans new and refreshing ideas. Great for teens, too.

Balance Is the Key—Time Management for Mothers (Cheryl)

This workshop will focus on how moms feel they have to do everything. See how they can biblically determine their daily schedule. This workshop will focus on basic time management skills with an emphasis on moms applying it to their daily lives and homeschool schedule.

Mary Homeschooling in a Martha World (Ronda)

Balance, that’s what it is all about. Yet we live in a culture with the daily demands of a busy world, trying to do everything. Like Martha, we love Jesus and really want to serve Him through homeschooling our children, but we sometimes struggle with weariness, feelings of inadequacy and are overwhelmed by our responsibilities. The Lord will calm our anxious hearts and give us His extravagant love right in the midst of our circumstances, so that like Mary, we can keep first things first and choose God’s best for our families.

The Mommy Spa

Dear Mommies, this workshop is the spa visit you need, the break you never get and the gift of encouragement that you so richly deserve. Come away and be refreshed, rejuvenated, recharged and filled up so that you have something to give to your children. This session is all about you—the faithful homeschooling moms who daily sacrifice your own lives for the sake of your children. Let’s celebrate you!

Quiet Time in a Loud House

Too many moms feels guilt if they can’t fit in a daily quiet time with God. Yet with the many demands of motherhood (you know, laundry, nursing babies, dishes, food prep, misbehaving toddlers and don’t forget some actual homeschooling) when is this supposed to happen? And when you finally figure out a routine that could have a chance of working, there is the frustration of being interrupted by loud noises, which can include the cries of young children. Rachael has first-hand experience in this arena raising seven growing children at home.

Chasing God and the Kids Too! (Cheryl)

This workshop will focus on practical and biblical ways moms can grow spiritually while dealing with the pressures of homeschooling. Moms will learn practical ways to maintain a consistent quiet time, Bible reading, prayer, etc. and to get their fervor for God amidst the dirty diapers.

Re-energize Mom First!

Refocus, reorganize, revive to re-energize mom first. This workshop is for moms who are saying, “Help!” Someone just added one more thing to my already overflowing plate!” Can we talk? This discussion will provide you with strategies to stay focused, organized, revived and energized for the coming school year. Re-energized life! Re-energized wife! Re-energized mom keeps all things calm!

My Mom’s Not Perfect and Neither Is My Daughter

Our family is much like yours and many others. We have struggles, communication issues, conflicts, joyful moments and areas where we can improve. But it never helps to compare yourself to anybody else. As a matter of fact, nobody wins the comparison game. In this workshop, Rachael and her sixteen-year-old daughter, Savannah Anne, share some mother-daughter stories and wisdom from their homeschooling journey with candor and humor. The goal is to help you stay in the homeschooling game, even if the struggles seem too difficult at times.