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Parents of older elementary age/middle school

How Reading Helps Your Child Succeed at Writing

Getting your kids to write and enthused about writing is easier than you think. Learn the following: Why reading and writing are important, how they go together, and some quick, relevant tips to implement both reading and writing into your child's daily life. Reading and writing don't have to be monumental tasks. Be encouraged to do a little bit each day to make a huge impact.

Teaching Reading That Sticks: A Whole Brain Approach

Gain balanced literacy strategies that increase fluency and comprehension. Appeal to the whole child with activities that are multilevel and utilize multiple modalities.

Adolescent Development

Adolescence is the major life transition and is witness to the most rapid physical, emotional and intellectual changes of the human life cycle. Some of the major intellectual and emotional changes and their consequences will be presented along with suggestions as how to deal with some of conflicts typical for this age group.