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Parents of older elementary age/middle school

Learning with Games—Much More Than Chess

Learning is important and can be hard work! Playing board and card games is very rewarding for many people. Participants will learn how to use games to introduce and reinforce major educational concepts for students. Games, unfamiliar to many, will be introduced this session. These games will help teach concepts like Newtonian physics, critical thinking, problem solving, probability and inductive logic.

How to Help Your Children Become Self-Motivated

Are you tired of working so hard to get your children to do their work or make the right choices? When will they be self-motivated? How can you help them? Discipline is when parents provide external motivation for right choices (which is a necessary part of the process). Discipleship is when parents help children develop their own motivation for making the right choices because of their love for Christ. In this session, we will discuss how to make the difficult transition from discipline to discipleship.

Training Young Men to Be Gentlemen in a Feminist Culture

Is behaving like a gentleman an outdated and antiquated idea? Join Dr. Steve in a discussion of how to teach our young men to be masculine in a society that seeks to squeeze them into a feminine mold. Becoming a gentleman starts at home. Come discover ways to cultivate a culture of masculinity without raising men who are brutes!

The Socratic Method for Dummies—Become a Great Teacher the Easy Way

What is the Socratic Method and how can it make me a better teacher? Is it a separate curriculum? Is it difficult to learn? Is it a lot of work to apply? Can I use it with what I'm already doing? Adam lays out simple answers to all of these questions by explaining and demonstrating a Socratic discussion that will encourage and inspire parents to imitate the ancient philosopher himself. Parents of kids K-12 will learn a simple technique that can be applied in any subject to dramatically increase the power of contact time.