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Parents of struggling learners

Parents of struggling learners

Helping Your ADD/ADHD Child Cope (Cheryl)

Carter will share practical ways parents of ADD/ADHD can help organize their children and get them to stay on task with their schoolwork and so much more. This is based on her new book, Organize Your ADD/ADHD Child.

What Is an Auditory Processing Disorder?

A child may have perfect hearing and excellent speech but be diagnosed with an auditory processing problem. What does that mean? What are the symptoms? How is it evaluated and managed?

Teaching the Learning Disabled Child

A learning disability presents many unique challenges to any teacher as they search for the most effective way to teach their child. Based on solid research, William and Kristen have designed this workshop to present teaching strategies and adaptations that have been shown to effectively meet the needs of students who struggle with various learning disabilities.

Foreign Language in Your Homeschool: from the Traditional to the Revolutionary!

Do I have to speak a language to teach it? Which language should I teach? Which curriculum is best and what’s the difference? When should we begin—is kindergarten too early? What about high school and getting credit? Are you using a computer/CD/video program, but your child won’t say anything? Find out why! This workshop will cover foreign language study from kindergarten through high school, the benefits, what to expect from the different curricula, what to look for in a curriculum and how language study can help develop a heart for missions.

What Homeschoolers Won’t Talk About

With a bit of homeschool humor and the depth of the truths of God's Word, Dara will encourage and challenge homeschooling parents with the realities of feeling insecure, inadequate, being overwhelmed, not being perfect or having perfect kids. Our God is able even when we are not! We all experience these very human feelings when raising and teaching our children, but God is adequate and has a plan for us as well as our kids. Learn ways to combat these feelings and how God can bring about delight in our homes in spite of our imperfections.

Hearing the Music: Homeschooling Instead of Ritalin for Gifted, Talented and Creative Kids

This workshop will provide you with tips from the trenches. You don’t need a graduate degree in gifted education. Hear how a homeschooling mom developed a program that works!