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Parents of struggling learners

Parents of struggling learners

Dyslexia: Don't Be Afraid of the “D” Word

Dyslexia is a term used to describe those who struggle with language in the areas of reading, spelling and writing. Dyslexia is a condition that affects the language areas of the brain. Both Joanne and Pinkney have dyslexic sons and are trained in the Orton-Gillingham method of remediation. While speaking from both their personal and professional experiences, they will discuss Orton-Gillingham remediation techniques. Regardless of time and financial constraints, there are effective options for all.

Teaching Writing to Special Needs Children (Even if They Can't Write)

Showing parents how to teach special needs children how to write stories—even if they can't write. Special needs children and adults can still write stories. I know. I have a special needs son. You can open their minds to a new and exciting way of expressing themselves.

Homeschooling Children with Special Needs/Attachment Disorder

Although geared towards foster/adoptive parents with children who have faced early trauma, this workshop contains great advice for all parents who battle strong-willed and resistant children. Knowing there is no perfect curriculum, no perfect teacher, and no perfect homeschool will help you focus on whether it is more important to win your children’s hearts or win the battle. Join Marty as she unravels the difference with humor and personal experience.