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Parents of teens (and possibly teens)

Parents of teens (and possibly teens)

Savvy High School Student's Path to College Applications

Colleges really like students who are homeschooled, but understanding everything needed to apply to college can be an overwhelming process. The savvy high school student path has six divisions: 1. classes, 2. activities, 3. summer, 4. tests, 5. college search, and 6. college applications. This workshop will discuss each of these, explain what colleges look for and point out how homeschooled students can stand out!

Raising a Worldview Detective—Three Steps to Thinking Critically about Books, Movies and More

How do you teach your students to apply a Christian worldview to books, movies and culture? The answer to this important question may surprise you for well-meaning Christians often misunderstand the basic principles of worldview analysis. This misunderstanding often prevents Christian students from thinking clearly about contemporary culture. In this enthusiastic and engaging discussion, Adam helps you avoid a serious (though common) teaching mistake and presents three steps for understanding a story-teller on his own terms.

The Crisis of American Higher Education

American higher education faces challenges on multiple fronts. However, there is a crisis in higher education that rises above all other problems: that American education no longer teaches the meaning of life. For most of the nearly 400 years of American higher education, its central purpose was to shape students’ souls. Today, most colleges go no further than helping students find a job. This is a fine outcome, but it represents a shallow version of what parents and students should expect. Higher education has abandoned its core purpose and badly lost its way. But there is hope.