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Parents of teens (and possibly teens)

Parents of teens (and possibly teens)

NC Community College Opportunities for Homeschoolers

This seminar includes a review of the Career and College Promise (CCP) program available to high school students in North Carolina. Special attention will be given to admission criteria, costs and transfer of credit to senior institutions. A brief overview of college transfer options will be discussed as it relates to the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA). Robert will leave time for questions and answers.

High School Smorgasbord

Whether you are in the midst of high school or it’s just on your radar, this talk is for you! Glean from the wisdom and experience of a mother of ten (four in college and six still at home) on subjects such as: organizing and planning your child’s high school years, SATs, dual-enrollment, gap year, college applications and what to expect emotionally as your senior leaves. Andrea offers you encouragement and practical suggestions to take home to your school.

Ten Ways to Teach Your Children to Know God’s Will for Their Lives

How can you know God’s will for your life? Many Christians want to know God’s will for their lives, but feel unsure how to discern it. Our children have their whole lives in front of them. They have the opportunity to avoid many mistakes and live for Christ. You can give them the understanding and encouragement necessary to know and follow God’s direction and calling. Come learn ten basic biblical principles for discerning God’s will that you can pass to your children.

Preparing for College

Does the thought of getting your student into college frighten you? One of the first questions beginning homeschoolers ask is "Can homeschooled students get into college?" The answer is yes. Homeschooled students can and do go to college. However, it does take planning and preparation for a student to successfully apply and flourish in his studies. Come to this workshop and learn how to prepare for college.

Passing the Baton

It makes no sense to pour our lives into homeschooling only to stumble at the finish line. Passing the baton of Christian adulthood to our children can’t happen overnight. Hal and Melanie talk about this critical time in our children’s lives and how to transition from the Benevolent Dictator our eleven-year-olds need to the Trusted Advisor of our adult children. Let’s all finish well and prepare our sons and daughters to be servants of the Most High, even when we can’t make them anymore!

High School Fun! All the Subjects without All the Textbooks

Textbooks have their place, but all textbooks and no fun makes a lot of homeschoolers want to throw schooling out the window! Dara will share ideas about how to carry on the spontaneity of homeschooling fun through the high school years without compromising the necessary knowledge needed to get into college. Having five boys in or through college, she has insight and experience about what is really required to attend college. She will inspire your creative genius to think outside the textbook box and enjoy the last few years your teenager will be at home.

Preparing Your Children for College-Level History Courses

A history professor who has taught at a large state university and currently teaches at a Christian college provides advice on how homeschooled students can best prepare for and successfully complete college-level history courses. In addition, this workshop examines the advantages and disadvantages of majoring in history and the career prospects for those who do so.

Who’s Waiting for Your Kids?

Why do so many young people walk away from Christianity in their college years? What are the challenges they will face in college? Is there something we can do as the Church to help young people hold on to the truth? In this presentation, Jim illustrates the challenge facing young college-aged Christians. This session will also provide an important and unique approach to addressing the dilemma. Participants will learn how to protect themselves and their children from being unduly persuaded by the errant secular worldview.

Homeschool to Campus: Ten Things You Should Know Before You Leave Home

Based on interviews with other homeschool graduates, this seminar will help you prepare for the great transition from home to a secular, Christian or community college campus. Learn from the experiences of others and get a more realistic picture of what the transitional years ahead might hold for you. Here are the important practical, social, academic and spiritual skills to focus on now so that you are prepared. Bonus: Kathryn also throws in her perspective on dating, courtship and choosing a spouse!

About the “Talk": Preparing Students for a Culture of Sexual Brokenness

We live in a sexually broken culture that is claiming a lot of victims. Is it possible to help students be sexually whole? In this session, John walks through some must-know facets of our culture and offers guidance for mentoring students with truth, hope, and goodness.