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Parents of teens (and possibly teens)

Parents of teens (and possibly teens)

The Most Fascinating Discussion of Grammar in the History of the World (or Your Money Back!)

There is perhaps no subject more intrinsically boring than grammar. Maybe that’s why students don’t get it, and we hate teaching it. In this workshop, you’ll learn that grammar ain’t so hard, and that it can actually (sometimes) be (sort of) fun(ish). Brian will answer the most common questions: why we should teach it, when we should teach it and how we should teach it. Plus, you’ll get to take the World’s Trickiest Grammar Quiz. But wait! There’s more: Brian will reveal the secret that guarantees that your students will never make a grammar error in their writing again!

Gracefully Letting Go: Preparing You and Your Teen for the Next Step

You've raised them to know right from wrong. You've schooled them through history, math, reading and science. You've driven them to practices and games, competitions and ceremonies. You've fed them, wiped their tears and showed them the way. You have introduced them to Jesus and encouraged them to have a relationship with their Lord. Now it is time for them to fly on their own. Are they ready? Are you ready? Dara will address concerns of teens and their parents as they enter the next phase of life called adulthood.

If Considering Military Service, Prepare for Battle

Whether to satisfy a desire to serve in the military or to attain personal development and future benefits, volunteers need to prepare to meet requirements and to increase chances of serving as envisioned. Preparation is especially needed if the applicant desires to be a special operator or a commissioned officer, and even more so if the hope is to obtain an ROTC scholarship or an appointment to a military academy.

Homeschooling High School

The thought of teaching high school can be intimidating for many homeschoolers, causing them to question their competence. Debbie will show you how you can accomplish this challenging task. She will cover topics such as what to do before high school starts, what courses your student needs and where to get them, what the law says and how to deal with co-ops and testing. She will touch on what to do along the way to prepare for college.

Online Instruction: The New Frontier

Online education is exploding! It can work hand-in-glove with homeschooling, or it can be an expensive error and a time-waster. What are the pros and cons? Some classes are free, and some are costly—what’s the difference? Are they worth the cost? And maybe the most important question—can we go to class in our jammies? Between them, Diane and Marji have homeschooled nine children, and both have graduated their last student. Their experience with online instruction extends from the parent side to the teacher experience. They have seen the pros and cons from both sides.

Six Secrets of a Successful College-Prep Math Program

High school math at home can be an intimidating endeavor. How are you going to teach your kids algebra, trigonometry or even calculus? Further, will they be prepared by the time they graduate for college-level work? In this session, Kathryn provides practical solutions to some of the common pitfalls of teaching math at home. She also shows you how to harness the strengths of homeschooling to create a competitive high school program. Whether your child is STEM-minded or focused on the humanities, you’ll leave this session with a concrete four-year plan.

Tuition-Free Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Career and College Promise gives qualified high school juniors and seniors (without regard to age) the opportunity to get a "jump start" on a two-year or four-year degree while still in high school. Best of all, it is tuition-free. Students pay only fees and for their books. Students are dually enrolled in their high school and at Central Piedmont Community College allowing them to receive both high school and college credit for courses taken through the program. This workshop will focus upon the benefits of the program and how to enroll your student.

Sports and Homeschooling High School

Many homeschoolers stop homeschooling at high school because they think their child will miss out on sports opportunities or sports scholarships if they don’t go to school. We discuss sports opportunities and how talented kids can apply for sports scholarships without going to school. Local sports opportunities are included in a handout.

How to Ace the SAT

Jill will share SAT success secrets that have helped thousands of students raise their test scores as much as 600 points! Learn how to find shortcuts in test patterns and save time on all types of questions. Math, writing, and verbal sections are all covered in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Study Skills & Note Taking

Learn proven tactics for effective studying with practical tips for improving retention, organization, and comprehension. Best for students aged 12+ and their parents.