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Parents of teens (and possibly teens)

Parents of teens (and possibly teens)

Seven Keys to College Admission and Scholarships

The current coordinator of homeschool admission for Berry College and a mother who has helped her children apply successfully to over twenty colleges, Charlotte shares what makes a good candidate for college admission and scholarships. With eight children attending college on scholarship over the last thirteen years, Charlotte has seen many changes within the college admission landscape, mostly to the advantage of homeschoolers.

Teaching Critical Life Skills through Entrepreneurship

Teaching teens to start and operate a business will help them learn valuable life skills: work leads to earning money, creativity, financial skills, organization skills, customer service, etc. Entrepreneurship ties together all of the previously learned core educational competencies into practical application.

Parenting the Homeschooled Teen

Debbie will share ideas for parenting homeschooled teens. As our children grow into and through the teen years, the way we parent them changes. We want to keep a good relationship with them but we don't want to be an irresponsible parent either. The letting go process is hard but necessary.