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Parents of teens (and possibly teens)

Parents of teens (and possibly teens)

Homeschooling High School

The thought of teaching high school can be intimidating for many homeschoolers, causing them to question their competence. Debbie will show you how you can accomplish this challenging task. She will cover topics such as what to do before high school starts, what courses your student needs and where to get them, what the law says and how to deal with co-ops and testing. She will touch on what to do along the way to prepare for college.

Battling with Behavior?

Want your teen to take more initiative around the house? Want to reduce the drama level in the family? Want to get your pre-teens, teens, and young adults excited about character healthy living? Join “America’s Parenting Doctor,” Dr. Steve Scheibner as he reveals seven practical steps to raising the behavior bar in your home. A character matters session will begin the process of moving your young people from ordinary to extraordinary.

Online Instruction: The New Frontier

What are the types of online instruction? Is it effective? Online education is exploding! It can work hand-in-glove with homeschooling, or it can be an expensive error and a time-waster. How can we avoid a mistake? How does it work? What are the pros and cons? Do you want instruction or just a curriculum outline? Some are free, and some are costly—what’s the difference? And maybe the most important question—can we go to class in our jammies? Marji has graduated her last student. Her experience with online instruction extends from the parent side to the teacher experience.

Teaching the American Founding

Was America founded as a Christian nation? Many authors have sought to answer this question over the years with a simple "yes" or "no." However, the most accurate answer to this question is not so simple. In this workshop, it will be explained how Christianity greatly shaped and influenced the American founding. The presenter will identify resources on this surprisingly complicated topic that, on one hand, are helpful, and those, which on the other hand, are to be avoided.